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ICPE 2022: Advancing Pharmacoepidemiology and Real-World Evidence for the Global Community

Dear ISPE colleagues,

We are excited and pleased to welcome you to Copenhagen, Denmark for ICPE 2022 – our return to a live meeting!

The past few years of the COVID-19 pandemic have placed considerable strain on all our professional and personal lives. During extended periods of travel and gathering restrictions, we have generally been unable to meet in-person as a Society, and most of our events have been held remotely. Many of us have gone years without interacting with our colleagues in-person. ISPE believes that the Society is strengthened when there are in-person opportunities for scientific and informal interactions.

While we are thrilled to be planning an in-person conference, we recognize that not everyone will be able or willing to travel in August. While the in-person conference experience will be prioritized, much of the conference content will be available online for remote participation in some form.

Registration for ICPE 2022 is offered in two ways:

  • In-person/live registration for the conference in Copenhagen in August
  • Virtual registration for key program elements of the Copenhagen conference

Please read the Registration page for details on these different packages and what they offer. Our cancellation policy allows you to convert your in-person registration to a virtual registration with no price penalty, so you won't miss out if your plans change at the last minute. We encourage you to register for the conference with confidence that you'll be able to participate.

Before you register, please be sure you read our ICPE Health & Safety Policy, as it details our plans for managing safety at ICPE 2022 and how you play a part in making it so. However, the conference is still several months away, and conditions are subject to change between now and August. ISPE will continue to monitor conditions to ensure a successful conference or adapt as necessary. Please stay tuned to our communication channels for announcements.

We sincerely look forward to seeing you in-person in August!


Anton Pottegård, PhD, MSc
ICPE 2022 Scientific Program Committee


Jesper Hallas, MD, PhD, FISPE
ICPE 2022 Scientific Program Committee

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