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Our full policy is detailed below. The key items to know are:
  • Your must be fully COVID-19 vaccinated to attend ICPE 2022 and be able to evidence this to be permitted access to the conference center. Medical and religious exemptions are permitted.
  • Unless presenting, eating or drinking, mask wearing is required at all times during the conference and at all ISPE-flagged events (this also means social events) using Type IIR or FFP2 (or equivalent or better) grade masks. You might forfeit your conference registration if you don't. ISPE will provide free masks.

Health & Safety at ICPE 2022

ISPE shares with all ICPE 2022 meeting attendees, speakers, exhibitors, staff, and vendors a commitment to and responsibility for a safe and healthy environment for all conference participants. As we pursue this commitment, we are grateful for the ISPE community's deep knowledge of the risks posed by COVID-19 or its variant strains and full support for safety procedures implemented by ISPE to reduce potential virus spread. Thank you as well for your kind consideration of the comfort and preferences of your fellow ICPE participants.

The situation in Denmark as of June 2022: General COVID-19 restrictions no longer apply. You are not required to be vaccinated and do not need to be tested on arrival. Masking in public places is not required. The airline you travel on may impose vaccine and/or masking requirements, which you are obliged to know and follow. Businesses and private cultural institutions are allowed to make their own requirements regarding face masks, shields, COVID-19 vaccination, etc. You are required to comply with such requirements if you wish for service or access.

Safety and preventative measures implemented by ISPE at ICPE venues will take into consideration guidance from the Danish Health Authority. But even as we implement these measures, please be aware ISPE cannot fully eliminate all risk of harm to conference participants or guarantee safety, especially those posed by COVID-19 or its variant strains. Ultimately, as an ICPE 2022 participant, you are responsible for your own safety.

Please also recognize this is a fluid situation and ISPE safety procedures may change. We will update you as needed via the ISPE website, emails, and other communication channels. Thank you for your understanding.

ISPE's ICPE Health & Safety Policy

ISPE's ICPE Health & Safety Policy as of June 6, 2022: To provide a safe environment for our attendees, presenters, volunteers, exhibitors, staff, and vendor staff, ISPE has adopted the following policy:
  • ISPE will only allow participants to physically attend the meeting who are fully vaccinated, as currently determined by their country's health authority. Attendees are required to substantiate vaccination status upon registering at the desk, only in Danish or English.
  • ISPE will honor medical or religious exemptions if they are documented in English. Attendee must bring documentation establishing their exemption and present it to the ISPE registration staff to receive conference credentials. Every morning of the conference, vaccine-exempt attendees must provide to ISPE registration staff, at their cost, a negative COVID-19 test result to be admitted to the conference for that day. A rapid antigen test (RAT) result is acceptable for this requirement. Attendees must bring (or purchase locally) enough tests to cover the duration of their time at the conference. Test results must be submitted to ISPE registration staff (via means to be determined) each day before leaving accommodations for the conference.
  • ISPE requires all attendees, presenters, volunteers, exhibitors, staff, and vendor staff to be masked at all times during the conference, or at ISPE-hosted events, using Type IIR or FFP2 (or equivalent or better) grade masks, except when actively presenting, eating or drinking. ISPE will supply complimentary masks throughout the conference. Cloth masks are not recommended.
  • ISPE is not responsible for liability or costs arising from health care costs, evacuation home, or isolation at accommodations in Copenhagen resulting from contracting COVID-19. Attendees are strongly recommended to obtain travel insurance to cover the possibility of such circumstances arising.
  • ISPE is not responsible for attendees' return-home testing administration, management, or costs. However, guidance on local testing facilities will be made available.
  • As a condition of attending, all attendees agree to comply with ISPE's Health & Safety Procedures. Registering for the meeting indicates agreement to abide with and/or comply with these policies.
  • We encourage all attendees to comply with ISPE policy and to set the standard for responsible behavior expected of professionals in our field. We regret that for serial noncompliance with this policy you may be asked to cease participating in the conference.
  • As a registrant, you acknowledge that you understand and knowingly and freely assume all risks related to illness and infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, by attending ICPE 2022.
If you are in any way uncomfortable with our requirements or feel you cannot comply, please do not register for the meeting.

Please click here to read our full policy.