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Symposia Overview

Each symposium dives deep into ultrasound content, providing you with intense learning, engaging discussions and debates, and fun activities. You will be actively involved in your own learning as experts guide and engage you throughout this incredible event. Click here for additional details.

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Can You Do That With Ultrasound?

Sunday, March 26

The use of ultrasound is expanding at a greater rate than ever, both as a diagnostic tool and in treating injuries and disease. Explore new approaches, discuss technical advances, and learn new applications across all subspecialties. This collaborative, interactive, and engaging symposium will have you thinking, learning, and networking.

Everyone Can Be an Effective Ultrasound Educator

Sunday, March 26

Join us for an engaging day filled with practical and effective strategies and techniques to improve your teaching skills. Discover and practice approaches that enhance learning and incorporate effective assessment and feedback. Test-drive the latest education and simulation tools.



Ultrasound Diagnoses You Can't Miss

Monday, March 27

The last thing any medical professional wants to do is miss a diagnosis. This symposium focuses on helping you improve patient care by discussing and helping you identify common pitfalls across several specialties and understand and recognize key image findings. Participants will engage in interactive and visual discussions and debates with their colleagues.

Optimizing Ultrasound Image Quality

Monday, March 27

It’s all about the images! Learning to acquire and read high-quality images is a skill needed for improved patient care. This symposium focuses on the key topics to help you succeed in this area. Topics covered include physics, knobology, Doppler, patient/probe position, and more. Roundtable discussions will cover image reviews, quality assurance, and the future of imaging optimization.



POCUS: Cutting-Edge Uses and Controversies

Tuesday, March 28

From development to bedside, POCUS has a major impact on real-time clinical problems. This cutting-edge symposium discusses controversial issues such as maternal morbidity and mortality, first-trimester concerns, scan ownership, POCUS workflow, and more. Activities include panel discussions and debates on key topics as well as a hands-on skills lab.

Optimizing Outcomes in Prenatal Imaging

Tuesday, March 28

Increase quality and the patient experience in obstetric imaging with a multidisciplinary approach. A team of experts leads TED talks on first-trimester problems, health disparities, and maternal and fetal life-threatening issues. Improve imaging outcomes via a perception bias workshop, challenging cases, and using the 3D world to understand ultrasound. Plus roundtables with industry on image optimization, and a special session on understanding the lifecycle of prenatal imaging.



Breaking the Sound Barrier: Shaping the Future of Ultrasound

Tuesday, March 28 - Wednesday, March 29

Take a peek into the future as this symposium focuses on cutting-edge clinical applications, the latest lab advances, and emerging tools like wearables. You’ll gain an understanding of challenging clinical issues as well as emerging technologies and solutions via interactive activities such as roundtable discussions, a special Shark Tank session, and clinical-problem speed dating.

Threading the Needle: Ultrasound-Guided Procedures

Wednesday, March 29

This symposium focuses on best practices and the latest innovations for ultrasound-guided procedures. Topics include safety, instrumentation, teaching tools, tips and tricks, and more. Specialty-area breakout sessions will focus on MSK, women’s health, POCUS, and interventional/intraoperative procedures.