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A New Vision for the Ultrasound Community's Largest Event of the Year

The AIUM values our members, faculty, event and education participants! So when you provided valuable input in our event surveys, we listened, and we are acting. In March 2023, the AIUM is excited to launch UltraCon, an innovative, interactive, and immersive experience designed by and for passionate ultrasound professionals. This event is not a ‘replacement’ for the Annual Conference, it is a new vision, with new goals.

During this cutting-edge event, you will:

Increase your knowledge, connections, and more. UltraCon puts you at the center of the conversation where expertise meets interaction and debate. What role will you play in transforming the future of medical ultrasound? Come prepared to connect and grow!
Experience an UltraConnection with colleagues and ultrasound experts. Witness the UltraConfluence of topics and techniques across specialties. Participate in the UltraConvergence of ultrasound practice and research.

What Ultrasound Topics Interest You The Most?

Your colleagues, from a vast range of ultrasound specialties and areas of interest, have crafted a list of Hot Topics, and we need your help in selecting the best and most relevant ones to develop into rich symposia that will be featured at UltraCon.

Topic votes due by 8/31

This is your opportunity to help create an amazing event. The survey will only take approximately 10 minutes of your time.

The deadline to provide your input and topic preferences is August 31, 2022.

Call for Abstracts

Learn more and submit your ultrasound abstracts for UltraCon 2023 today!

Submit Abstracts

Submission Closes: September 29, 2022 at 11:59 pm ET