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Welcome to the 2023 ISSTD Annual Conference Online Program!

You are looking at the ISSTD Online Program providing you with all the information you need to plan your personal conference attendance experience for the upcoming virtual Annual Conference!

We are thrilled to have Bethany Brand, PhD on Saturday, April 15, Jennifer J. Freyd, PhD on Sunday April 16, and David Archer, MSW, MFT on Monday, April 17 as our expert Plenary speakers. We invite you to use this site to build your schedule and link it to your personal, electronic calendar or share info about sessions via email or social media. Come be part of an exciting conference of an all-star line up of presenters. Additional information will be available to registered participants via this site on or shortly after April 3, 2023.

Be curious! Jump right in! Take your time and learn how to find information! Here are a few quick notes to get you started:

  • On the upper left side of this page, you have a Navigation Menu, at the top of which is the "Register Now" button to click you through to registration information. Registration is now open and will be available online until April 11, 2023.
  • Click "Event Details" to view the conference webpage with additional details on on continuing education, social events, and much more.
  • Click "Schedule at a Glance" and find the program items listed chronologically. Click on any of these items for more detailed information.
  • Scroll your cursor over "Sessions" and select to browse the conference content by date, title, course or speaker! Again, if you click on any item, you will access further detail. Click on a speaker's name and access that speaker's bio and photos!
  • As our conference plans continue, you will be able to click on "Exhibitors" and view the list of exhibitors who will attend, so that you can plan to visit them should they have services that can provide you with support in your work.
  • Do you Tweet? Do you let your friends know what you're up to on Facebook? When you open any of the presentations details you'll find that you can share the information with colleagues! Use the quick links to post a presentation on Facebook or Twitter, or send the information about a presentation to a friend using the email link and encourage your colleagues to attend! Make sure to use the hashtag #ISSTDAC2023!

Enjoy this site, make your plan, and register to attend! We will be offering both in-person and virtual attendance options of our main conference days. Pre-Conference workshops are available in-person only. Please note that a limited number of registrations are available this year so please review the registration page carefully before starting the registration process. 

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