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RWD Pandemonium During a Pandemic - Lessons for Future RWE Generation and Decision Making?

April 23-25, 2023
Hilton Reykjavik Nordica
Reykjavik, Iceland

Registration has closed for this event. See you next year in Orlando, Florida, USA, in April 2024.



We want to welcome you to the ISPE 2023 Mid-Year Meeting scheduled for April 23-25 2023 in Iceland. We are thankful and excited to get a second chance to organize an interesting, educative, and inspiring face-to-face mid-year meeting in my beautiful hometown, Reykjavik, the most northern capital city in the world. 

The theme of this years’ mid-year meeting is RWD Pandemonium During a Pandemic: Lessons for Future RWE Generation and Decision Making? After two years of COVID focused research agenda, including measuring effects and safety of (preventive) therapies, we would like to not only look back but also to look ahead focusing on the data generated during this period. Although not new to ISPE members, the pandemic pushed general awareness and emphasized how important real world evidence is for decision making, at various levels in society. Now it is time to start the conversation what the pandemic means to us pharmacoepidemiologists when it concerns data that we do use for decision making. The program committee is working on a diverse scientific program where we do reflect on the issue of data and decision making from different perspectives.

The mid-year meeting continues to be the ISPE event where we focus on the next generation of pharmacoepidemiologist. It is a unique opportunity for students and recent graduates to present their research and engage with other top researchers in the field. In our program we have dedicated four sessions this year for student and recent graduates presentations that will allow 24 early career researchers to present their work.

I hope you will have the opportunity to join us in April for engaging scientific discussions and social interactions, and who knows maybe see a bit more of Iceland, the beautiful island in the North.  

On behalf of the scientific program committee,

Helga Gardarsdottir, PharmD, PhD, FISPE
ISPE mid-year Scientific Program Committee Chair

The ISPE MY 2023 program is endorsed by the University of Iceland, the Pharmaceutical Society of Iceland and the Icelandic Medical Association.

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