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The Hazardous Materials Committee of the International Fire Chiefs Association is happy to welcome attendees back in person for HAZMAT 2022! The International Hazardous Materials Response Teams Conference (HAZMAT) is a four-day event that will be held this year at the Hilton of Baltimore, Maryland from June 9-12, 2022, with an additional pre-conference day on June 8, 2022. Attendees are provided the latest classroom, hands-on, and field trip-based training on topics covering all aspects of HAZMAT. 

The training offered at the HAZMAT Conference offers immediate, practical, and valuable information designed to ensure you successfully meet the demands of HAZMAT response in today’s challenging environment.

Learn about new and updated practices in HAZMAT response including transportation, safety, weapons of mass destruction (WMD), gear, mass decontamination terrorism, bioterrorism, and more. Some of the class topics and objectives include:
  • Biothreat response and sample collection.
  • Incident management best practices
  • Chemical and physical properties of hazardous materials
  • Recognizing and responding to commercial explosive incidents
  • Pre-incident planning tips and tricks
  • Risk-based response to batter emergencies
  • Tactical chemistry
  • Anhydrous ammonia response
  • Wet chemistry hazard classification
  • Ethanol emergency response training
  • Liquified natural gas safety and emergency response
  • Field detection of pesticides
  • Recognition of homemade WMDs
  • Leading and managing a HAZMAT response team
  • Chemical laboratory management
  • Emergencies at chemical facilities
  • Developing decontamination strategies
  • Pipeline emergency response
  • Responding to toxic suicides
  • See the full conference schedule here.
Attendees will be able to work together in advanced level escape rooms, hosted by the Haz Mat Guys Podcast. Students will use basic and advanced metering to track clues and find their way out.

Ready to see some outdoor demonstrations of hazardous materials gear and equipment? Check out the HAZMAT exhibit map to plan your trip around the exhibit area!

HAZMAT 2022 will be an awesome opportunity to learn and network with your peers. Register today!

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The IAFC Hazardous Materials Committee serves as the IAFC's subject matter expert regarding hazardous materials and dangerous goods.