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We're excited this November to be returning our annual conference to its highly praised in-person format! Join the colleagues, peers, and friends you’ve missed in Detroit, Michigan from November 7- 12, 2022. The APT Detroit 2022 Conference offers no better place to share your ideas, insights and observations in preservation while making new connections and reinforcing old ones. APT’s annual conference draws the most informed, active, and knowledgeable experts from around the world as well as those newer to the field seeking to enhance their skills. Those committed to methods to maintain, conserve and protect historic structures and sites for continued and new uses will be engaged in presentations and discussions and we welcome you to join them.

And Detroit itself offers a wealth of historic sites and preservation opportunities and challenges from which we can all learn! We think you’ll be surprised by the many preservation successes we will share and you can see in person.

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Event Summary:

2022 APT Annual Conference
November 7-12, 2022
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Conference Venue:
Huntington Place
1 Washington Blvd, Detroit, MI 48226


Westin Book Cadillac
1114 Washington Blvd, Detroit, MI 48226
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2022 Tracks

  • Pink Cadillac: The Composite Effect of Building and Industrial Design 
    Detroit not only served as an epicenter of the automobile industry, but its citizens also championed industrial design and its intersection with architecture from the early 1920s until the early 1970s. Designers of all professions experimented with new materials and processes, such as concrete mixes, ceramics, plastics, metal alloys, and paints. This track explores the preservation, adaptation, interpretation, and enhancement of “modern” materials (both the historic Modern Movement and the new century’s design advancements) used at all scales around the world. 

  • Stop! In the Name of Renewal: Adaptive Reuse and Renovation in a Metropolis 
    It just can’t be saved. It’s too far damaged. Just tear it down and build back better. This track will focus on the extreme ends of the adaptive reuse spectrum and what challenges building owners, developers, and historic districts must overcome. Like Detroit’s motto, “resurget cineribus,” these buildings shall rise from the ashes. 

  • The Dire Straits: Challenges, Opportunities, and Innovations within Marine Environments 
    Before there were interstates and before there were steel rails, there was the Big Water, the Great Lakes. Settlement patterns and industry developed along the waterways, connecting remote settlements and bringing products to market and to consolidated industrial centers. This track will discuss the challenges of maintaining, preserving, and reusing maritime structures, including material choices and repair alternatives employed in the extreme exposure conditions. 

  • Dancing in the Street: (R)evolution of a City
    The US’s one and only UNESCO Design City, Detroit has shaped the culture of not only the local region, but also the world, and gave inspiration to future artists of the visual, audio, and tactile arts. This track will study how books, music, movies, and social media can influence the culture and use of a building and how buildings will help preserve the story of the artists and local culture.

APT Getty Scholarship Opportunity

APT is offering two types of grants for the 2022 conference in Detroit, thanks to support from the Getty Foundation: Latin American Scholar Grants and Equity Scholar Grants. APT now has a successful Latin American-Caribbean Chapter (LACC) and strong participation in our Annual Conference from preservation practitioners from that region. This year we expanding the grants to attend our November 7-12 conference in Detroit, Michigan with ten Latin American Scholarships and nine Equity Scholarships. This program builds upon other APT diversity efforts including the formation of our Inclusion Advocacy Committee and several Community Engagement Projects we’ve completed in the last several years. Submit an application!