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Educational Tracks

Clinical/Ethical Dilemmas ("Prickly Situations")

Webster's Dictionary defines ethics as "the discipline of dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation". In the context of endodontic practice, ethical endodontic decision making may take into account a number of questions, including but not limited to: 1. Is the proposed treatment in the best interests of the patient? 2. Am I maximizing proven endodontic principles to achieve the most favorable outcome? 3. Am I providing treatment for a patient I would not perform for myself? 4. Am I using techniques and/or materials that have yet to be proven safe and effective?

Presenters with expertise and knowledge in the area of ethical health care practice have been carefully chosen to present relevant material that will address whether our moral duties and obligations to our patients are being met to the best of our abilities. It is the sincere hope of the AAE planning committee that attendees of presentations in the clinical ethical dilemmas track will find the material engaging, thought-provoking and meaningful. Browse track sessions >>


The Interdisciplinary track provides an overview of emerging and advanced science and technology with exciting implications for multiple aspects of dentistry in conjunction with Endodontics. This approach has become essential for optimizing the patient outcome/comfort as well as enhanced Endodontic predictability.

Outlines and learning objectives include: new trauma guidelines, a joint panel discussion on MSEO (maxillary sinusitis of endodontic origin), biomimetic endodontics, temporomandibular disease, CBCT and incidental findings, non-endodontic pathology, and periodontal management.

Please join us in an interdisciplinary approach providing the best possible minimally invasive dentistry that will ensure the longevity and continued functionality of endodontically treated teeth. Browse track sessions >>

Non-Surgical Root Canal Therapy

Educational support provided by Endodontic Practice Partners.

Continuous advancements in root canal disinfection, instrumentation, and obturation are progressing rapidly. Treatment planning, preservation of tooth structure, and restorative aspects of endodontics are some of the hot topics in the specialty. The non-surgical track encompasses these topics, including imaging, advanced technologies, and management of complicated cases. Please join us for an informative meeting! Browse track sessions >>


Effective management of odontogenic pain is an important component of a successful endodontic practice. This track is designed to improve evidence-based diagnosis and management of odontogenic pain. It includes presentations on the new classification of orofacial pain and an update on the ADA panel on management of acute pain. It also includes updates on the cellular and molecular biology of pulpal and apical inflammation, local anesthesia and on pharmacological approaches to pain management. Browse track sessions >>

Practice Management/Teamwork

Educational support provided by Endo Mastery.

The business of operating an endodontic practice efficiently is important to its longevity and profitability. This track will provide resources and education on compliance and management of your practice. Additionally, this track will provide resources for auxiliary staff to help create and evaluate systems to improve your practice's performance.  Browse track sessions >>

Surgical Root Canal Therapy

The Endodontic Surgery Track aims to provide updates on current advanced procedures in endodontic microsurgery, including guided approaches utilizing stents, dynamic navigation and piezoelectric techniques. Attendees will learn about surgical retreatment planning in the era of surgical intervention revival, palatal approach to root-end surgery, CBCT assessment for 3D surgical guide design, atraumatic soft tissue handling and management of surgical complications. Browse track sessions >>

Submitted Presentations

Comprised of selections from the AAE22 Planning Committee’s Call for Presentations, these presentations cover a broad range of interesting topics including access preparation to apical surgery. Often paired with sessions similar in topic, sessions range from 45 minutes to 90 minutes in length. Browse track sessions >>