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Submission Categories and Deadlines

We are looking forward to a great PFD Week 2023 and are excited to read your submissions. We hope this information will help you to submit your work. Please reach out to with any questions.

If you are submitting more than one abstract, workshop, or roundtable proposal, be sure to use the same email address for all your submissions.

Important Dates

• February 23, 2023 - Workshop and Roundtable submission deadline
• April 13, 2023 - Abstract submission deadline
• Week of March 20, 2023 - Notification of invited roundtables to be sent out
• Week of April 14, 2023 - Notification of invited workshops to be sent out
• Week of June 12, 2023 - Notification of invited abstract to be sent out
• June 30, 2023 – Acceptances due for invited abstracts
• August 7, 2023 – Late-breaking science submissions open
• August 9, 2023 – Manuscripts from full orals (required) and short orals (optional) are due for award consideration.
• August 17, 2023 - Late-breaking science submission deadline
• Week of September 4, 2023 – Late-breaking science notifications to be sent out

Submission Categories

Abstract: A submission of no more than 450 words with up to 2 figures/tables that include Objectives, Methods, Results, and Conclusions of a study.

Video Abstract: Presenters will submit a video with an accompanying abstract describing the Objectives, Methods and Clinical Relevance of the video.

Pre-conference Workshop: A pre-conference Workshop is an in-depth, interactive, value-added presentation that are four hours in length. These should be highly participatory workshops that truly require extra time and dedication to provide the learner the best opportunity.

Roundtable: Roundtables are intended to be one hour facilitated discussions on a topic of the facilitator’s choosing in a small group environment. The role of the facilitator is to share information/perspectives, create talking points and engage attendees in discussions either through case studies or Q&A or both. Facilitators may provide their own handouts or show a presentation on his/her laptop. No formal presentation is required.

Late-Breaking Science: Late-breaking science is intended to allow for the timely presentation of high-impact trials to PFD Week 2023 attendees. It is expected that these abstract submissions are from studies for which no preliminary data were available at the time of the abstract submission deadline.

Late-breaking science is considered for oral presentations only and are not eligible for other types of presentation (e.g., video, poster). If accepted, abstracts will be presented at the podium but will not be published in the program book.

Need Help?
For general abstract inquiries, email