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Registration Rates

Registration rates are the same for in-person and virtual attendees. In-person attendees may change to a virtual registration at any time. Both virtual and in-person registrants will have access to the course content for 30 days via the meeting app. If you choose to purchase the bundle in addition to your registration, you will have access to the course for up to one calendar year.



Early Bird

Aug. 14


Oct. 2


Oct. 4

AUGS Members

Physician $750 $850 $955
Affiliate $450 $510 $540
Fellow/Resident $285 $360 $360
Student $105 $105 $105


Physician $995 $1,105 $1,205
Affiliate $500 $560 $595
Fellow/Resident $360 $440 $440
Student $105 $105 $105

Non-members may add an AUGS membership when registering for PFD Week 2023 to receive up to 25% off with the member registration rate. See the member rates below.

By joining the leading organization for urogynecology, you can access current information and best practices by connecting with peers, staying informed, and enhancing knowledge. Memberships are valid through December 31, 2023. Learn more about the AUGS membership here.

  • Physician ($630): Practicing clinician and/or serving in an academic role.
  • Fellow ($255): Applicants who are currently undergoing their fellowship training.
  • Affiliate Member ($185): Includes physician assistants, physical therapists, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, basic science researchers (non-MD researchers not practicing medicine)
  • International Member ($125): Includes any physician, physician in training, or affiliate member who resides outside of the United States or Canada.



Early Bird

Aug. 14


Oct. 2


Oct. 6


$100 $150 $175


$60 $60 $60

Fellows Day Program
and Reception

Fellows/Residents Member $100 $100 $100
Fellows/Residents Non-Member $150 $150 $150

Social Event

Physician & Affiliate  $75 $75 $75
Fellow, Resident, & Student $50 $50 $50


$30 $30 $30

On Demand Access
(6 mo)

$99 $99 $99

Hotel Information
Please note that all of the hotel room reservations this year are being booked using the passkey link on the AUGS website. If you want to view or modify your reservation you may click on manage existing reservation on the top right-hand side on the AUGS passkey page.

You can expect to receive a hotel room confirmation from the hotel the week before the meeting. Until then the individual hotels will not recognize you as a guest. If you need to make changes to your reservation it should be done via passkey. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Melissa Kabadian at

Cancellation Policy
All cancellation requests must be made in writing to by September 4, 2023 to be eligible for a refund less a $75 processing fee. Only additional ticketed in person only events including workshops, round-tables, Fellows Day, and the Wednesday night social event are refundable less the processing fee. Meeting registration fees will not be refunded. 

Registrants who are unable or no longer able to attend in person may switch to a virtual meeting registration at any time.