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DC in 23: Welcome to NAATP National and Hill Day 2023!

The National Association is pleased to return to the nation’s capital for our 44th Annual Addiction Leadership Conference. As our field emerges from three long years of pandemic operations, we look forward to this opportunity to come together in a spirit of renewal.

We will convene in a changed and changing operations environment. Pre-COVID trends have been exposed and accelerated by the pandemic and new realities have entered the picture. At the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers, we are charged with observing, forecasting, and leading. That process begins with an inventory of our providers’ experiences which reveals the following:
  • Increased patient acuity, complexity, and comorbidity
  • Workforce depletion and reorganization
  • Rising operational expenses without revenue increases
  • Inequitable access to care and culturally informed practice
  • Ever evolving clinical developments including the trend toward integrated mental health care
  • The challenge of medical records and data collection
  • Inadequate insurance reimbursement coupled with changing “value-based” compensation models

If you are an operator, these circumstances may sound familiar, and if they do, join us in May for NAATP National 2023, Meeting the Challenges of Our Time.

The conference will explore these areas throughout a four-day educational convening, concluding with a public policy advocacy event where all attendees will be given the opportunity to travel to the Capital to meet with our Members of Congress. This combination of colleague convening, education, dialogue, and real political action defines NAATP events and DC in 23 promises to be a stellar example of it.

As treatment providers have adjusted to respond to the challenges of our times, NAATP has likewise worked to respond to our providers’ needs. The result has been increased programming, member engagement, and significant growth in NAATP membership. All of this will be reflected in the national conference.

As we often say, NAATP is its members, and the conference program is member driven. As you review the conference agenda and prepare your registration, please also take a few minutes to see the colleagues who make all this happen:

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