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Sponsor Information

Becoming a sponsor at NAATP National demonstrates your organization’s support for the leading addiction treatment association. Our continued success is only possible through the generosity of our valued sponsors. We have customized our sponsorship opportunities to help maximize your sponsorship dollars and exposure.


Sponsorship Benefits & Recognition

  • Premier Tier & Tier 1 sponsors are recognized with special on-site signage, distinct logo placement on conference website, verbal recognition during general session, and all benefits listed for Tier 2
  • Tier 2 sponsorships are recognized in printed onsite program, mobile app, and conference website. If sponsoring a specific event, on-site signage is included.
  • ‚ÄčEvery $3,000 of support includes one (1) complimentary attendee registration.
  • Exclusive = only one is available. Non-exclusive = multiple are available.
  • Sponsorship Tiers are broken down as follows: 
    • Premier Tier: $15,000+
    • Tier 1: $10,000+
    • Tier 2: $5,000+
    • Tier 3: $1,000+
  • The purchase of any sponsorship does not include an exhibitor booth. A separate purchase of a booth is required to exhibit at the conference.

Available Sponsorship Opportunities

Premier Tier Options

Premier Sponsor: $15,000+: Non-Exclusive – AVAILABLE – $15,000
A combined sponsorship amount exceeding $15,000 will move into the Premier Tier. These sponsors will get additional verbal and onsite recognition along with logo highlighted at the top of the right-hand banner of our newly designed conference website.

Opening Night Awards Banquet: Non-Exclusive – FULFILLED – $15,000
Held on the first evening of the Conference, the Opening Night Awards Banquet is always well attended with nearly 400 attendees.

Tier 1 Options

General Tier 1 Sponsorship: Non-Exclusive – AVAILABLE – $10,000
Join the prominent group of supporters in our Tier 1 group with your company logo displayed on our website, in promotional materials, highlighted verbally in general sessions, and on-site along with 3 complimentary registrations.

Breakfast: Exclusive – AVAILABLE – $10,000
Attendees appreciate a continental breakfast in the Exhibit Hall at the start of their day; your company will be recognized with signage at the event and in promotional materials. One fulfilled, one available. 

Hotel Key Cards: Exclusive – FULFILLED – $10,000
Place your company’s full-color graphic logo on each attendee’s electronic room key card. This unique option offers frequent attendee exposure.

WiFi Network:  Exclusive – FULFILLED – $10,000
This is your opportunity to sponsor complimentary wireless internet for all conference attendees. Your company will receive a customized network password which will be promoted everywhere throughout the conference. Multiple signs with the sponsor’s logo prominently displayed along with recognition in program, app, and verbally.

Leadership Luncheon Speaker: Exclusive – FULFILLED – $10,000
Sponsor the presenter at the Leadership Luncheon for quality exposure to our industry leaders. This exclusive lunch and presentation is designed for C-suite executives. The speaker will be recruited and chosen by NAATP. This sponsorship is intended to support the presenter's costs.

Badge Holders: Exclusive – FULFILLED – $10,000
Conference-themed badge holders are distributed to all attendees to hold their name badges. Showcase your company's logo on the back of each attendee badge holder for maximum exposure.

Awards Banquet Underwriting Exclusive – FULFILLED - $10,000
This sponsor helps underwrite the cost of the opening night awards banquet.  

Tier 2 Options

General Tier 2 Sponsorship: Non-Exclusive – AVAILABLE – $5,000
Join the prominent group of supporters in our Tier 2 group with your company logo displayed on our website, in promotional materials, and on-site along with 2 complimentary registrations.

NEW! Hill Day Refreshments and Breaks: Exclusive – AVAILABLE– $5,000

Sponsor the refreshment breaks at the Capitol Hill hotel during our National Hill Day on May 24th. Your organization will get signage and verbal recognition on Hill Day and during prep sessions.

Coffee Break: Non-Exclusive – AVAILABLE – $5,000
Refreshment breaks provide a great opportunity for attendees to network and socialize in a relaxed environment. Sponsorship of one of the coffee breaks in the exhibit hall allows you to put your name and brand in full view of conference attendees during the break. 

Hand Sanitization Stations: Non-Exclusive – AVAILABLE – $5,000
Sponsorship of the hand sanitization stations conveniently placed around the venue to help keep people safe and healthy. Company logo recognition and gratitude will be highlighted in branding at each station. Photo example available upon request.

Membership Reception
: Exclusive – FULFILLED– $5,000
Our membership matters and we will host a reception showcasing the value of member and maximizing benefits. Sponsor the drinks and appetizers during this important event and get onsite recognition and signage for your support.

Opening Night Coffee Reception:
 Exclusive – FULFILLED – $5,000
Play a part in the buzz and excitement by providing the coffee stations in the exhibit hall prior to the Opening Night Awards Banquet. Your name and branding are in full view of conference attendees during the conference's kickoff. 

Splash Screen Ad: Exclusive – FULFILLED – $5,000
Each attendee will have access to our conference app on their mobile devices. The splash screen ad offers great visibility with over 13,000 views. Your company will provide a digital ad (non-clickable) that will appear for 2-3 seconds each time attendees open the app.

Water Stations: Exclusive – FULFILLED – $5,000  
Sponsorship of the water filling hydration stations placed throughout the conference venue. This includes branding around the prominent touch free water refill stations. Photo example available upon request.

Tier 3 Options

Charging Table: Non-Exclusive – AVAILABLE – $4,000
With most attendees using their mobile devices throughout our conference, a custom-branded charging table with seating, positioned in a high-traffic area of the conference, is a great way to impress attendees while enhancing your brand and message. Your company will provide artwork for a full-table cling advertisement. 

Rotating Banner Ad: Non-Exclusive – AVAILABLE – $3,500

Each attendee will have access to our conference app on their mobile devices. This rotating ad sponsorship offers great visibility with over 13,000 views and potential clicks to your website. Your company will provide a digital ad that will rotate on the app. 

Program Ad: Non-Exclusive – AVAILABLE – $1,000
Get noticed in the conference program with a full-page, full-color advertisement. The conference program will be pocket-sized with the ad dimensions of 6" x 3.6". Your organization will be responsible for designing the ad according to our ad design specs. 

Women in Leadership Breakfast: Non-Exclusive –FULFILLED – $3,500
NAATP will host our first annual Women in Leadership Breakfast. Sponsor the coffee and food during this important event and get onsite recognition and signage for your support.

Ice Cream Social: Exclusive – FULFILLED – $3,500
Sponsor the final gathering which will be an ice cream social proceeding General Session 5: Hill Day Preparation. We anticipate 150+ people to stay for Hill Day which will bring high energy this event. A raffle will take place during this event which will be promoted throughout the conference.

Digital Grab Bag: Non-Exclusive – AVAILABLE – $500
Exhibitors and sponsors can showcase their promotional PDFs in the App Grab Bag viewable in our conference app. *PDF sizes must be kept small, no more than 1.5 megabytes.

Sponsorship Application & Review

Sponsorship registration is now open. The National Association reserves the right to determine sponsorship qualification per our eligibility agreement. For all sponsorships, the submission of our sponsorship registration application is required for committee review. Once interest is submitted and reviewed, the NAATP staff will reach out to you within 14-21 business days to inform you of the sponsorship status. Exclusive means only one is available and non-exclusive means multiple are available. 

Sponsorship Cancellation Policy 

If written notice of cancellation is received before April 1, 2023, a refund less 50% of the contracted amount will be issued. Cancellation on April 1, 2023, and hereafter, shall result in forfeiture of the entire fee. Eligible refunds will be processed within 14 days of receipt of written notice of cancellation. All cancellations must be sent in writing via e-mail to NAATP at

View our Conference Policies & Agreements to review the policies, terms, and agreements that apply to Exhibitors, Sponsors, and Attendees at NAATP National.

Past Sponsors

View our Attendee Composition to learn more about who attends the annual leadership conference and view a list of sponsors from previous years.

Questions? Contact us at 888.574.1008 or Sign up here to receive email updates to be notified of the latest conference news.