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NAATP Hill Day 2023 will provide our membership with a unique and valuable opportunity to influence federal law and public policy through meetings with Senators, Congressional Representatives, and Congressional Staff. Hill Day training will take place on Tuesday afternoon May 23rd, during which time NAATP public policy leaders and experts will train our membership in effective advocacy techniques and provide specific talking points and logistical instructions. NAATP’s legislative priorities, including parity enforcement, will be emphasized.

In addition to training, NAATP participants will have the opportunity to gather on Hill Day, May 24th, at the Capital Hill Hotel in the Independent Meeting Room, before or after appointments.  Volunteers will be available to answer onsite questions and provide support throughout the day.

Advanced Registration Required

Hill Day requires advance registration which you can RSVP when you complete your conference registration. The registration process will ask you to identify your House of Representatives member(s)and your SenatorsInformation will then be provided to assist you in scheduling your own Hill Day appointments.

Constituents are important advocates. As an advocate, you bring to Washington DC a local perspective and that is what your Congressman/woman and Senators want to know – what does this problem look like in my district/state and how will legislation being considered affect the folks back home. Your contribution to the conversation is critical to developing good policy and passing effective laws. If political advocacy is new to you, don’t worry, we will help you each step of the way. We look forward to a strong showing of NAATP members at Hill Day 2023!

Hill Day Training

In this webinar, NAATP Staff and Hill Day Chair, Sherri Layton, will prepare attendees and discuss logistics for Hill Day, scheduled for May 24th. Topics include how to schedule appointments with your legislators, public policy issues that will be discussed, effectively communicating with your representative, overall logistics for the day and how to make it a success. An overview of the NAATP key Public Policy priorities will be highlighted. Current legislation and policy will be reviewed along with how to continue advocacy once attendees return home.