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Welcome to the 39th Annual Winter Roundtable Conference!

The Winter Roundtable is the longest running continuing professional education program in the United States devoted solely to cultural issues in psychology, education, and social work. The Winter Roundtable continues its tradition of bringing together scholars, practitioners, researchers, social change agents and students interested in the intersections between race, ethnicity, social class, gender, ability status, sexual orientation, and religious affiliation in psychology, education, and social work.

Following a challenging year of uncertainty and brutality, the Winter Roundtable Community has witnessed the pervasiveness of systemic racism, reminding us that our struggle is bound up with one another. It is not enough to simply identify the disparities and injustices within our society, we must also leverage our experiences to visualize and execute actionable strategies to free our humanity.  Our theme, Collective Action & Liberation in Psychology and Education, is a call to students, scholars, professionals, and activists to come together as we chart a path forward toward our collective liberation. We are grateful for this opportunity to reconnect, recharge, and reimagine our roles in the disciplines of psychology and education.

Meet the Winter Roundtable Team! 

Dr. Riddhi Sandil, Faculty Co-Director  

Riddhi Sandil, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Practice and Program Coordinator of the Ed.M. Program in Psychological Counseling at Teachers College, Columbia University. Dr. Sandil received her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Iowa in 2008 and has been continually licensed as a Psychologist since 2009. Dr. Sandil's scholarly interests are influenced by multiculturalism and social advocacy. Her research and clinical interests include minority stress, LGBTQ issues in counseling, counseling expectations of South Asian populations and complex trauma and its impact on women's well being. Additionally, Dr. Sandil serves on the boards of the Association of Women, Masters in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council, and is the co-found of the Sexuality, Women and Gender Project. As Co-Director of the Winter Roundtable, Dr. Sandil is excited to continue with the social justice commitment of the field of Counseling Psychology!

For any questions or concerns during the conference, please email

Dr. Gregory Payton, Faculty Co-Director 

Gregory J. Payton, Ph.D. is a Lecturer in the Department of Counseling and Clinical Psychology of Teachers College, Columbia University.  Dr. Payton received his Master of Education degree from Harvard University in Human Development and Psychology and completed his doctorate at Teachers College, Columbia University in Counseling Psychology.  Dr. Payton’s clinical, teaching and research interests include the following: Identity development, Risk and Resiliency within LGBTQ populations; HIV/AIDS Stigma and Access to Care; Health Disparities among Marginalized Populations; Multicultural Competency; and Evidence-Based Practice. Additionally, Dr. Payton has written on issues of substance abuse, harm reduction and gay/lesbian parenting. Dr. Payton is also a licensed psychologist in private practice in New York City.   

As Co-Director of the Winter Roundtable, Dr. Payton is excited to connect scholars, practitioners and students in the fields of education and psychology while advancing the values of multicultural competency and social justice.

For any questions or concerns during the conference, please email

Olivia Snow, Coordinator 

Olivia Snow is a graduate of the Teachers College, Counseling EdM program with a certification in Sexuality Women and Gender and a first year Ph.D. student in the Teachers College, Counseling Psychology program. Her current research interests include studying the effects of racial trauma, discrimination, and institutionalized racism on the physical and mental health of Black women and new mothers. As an early career clinician, she currently works at a college counseling center in Manhattan.

For any questions or concerns during the conference, please email or reach her at 425-533-5655


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