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2022 Registration Options and Rates

ACVS is pleased to offer two registration options to meet your digital learning needs:
  1. Unlimited Webinars Package
  2. Individual Webinars

2022 Unlimited Webinars Package—the best value available!

Maximize your learning opportunities with unlimited access to all live and on-demand webinars offered between March and December 2022.

The 2022 Unlimited Webinars Package offers the best value available and gives you access to:
  • Eleven live webinars offered March through December 2022, covering large and small animal surgery topics
  • Reminders and log in details for upcoming webinars sent to you automatically, eliminating the need to register for each unique learning opportunity in advance
  • The on-demand recordings of all 11 webinars

Rates for the 2022 Unlimited Webinars Package (live and on-demand):
 ACVS/ECVS Diplomate  $325
 ACVS/ECVS Emeritus Diplomate  $225
 ACVS/ECVS Resident (excludes Residents’ Workshops)*  $125
 Veterinary/Other Professional  $425
 Student/Intern/Technician  $225

How to register for the 2022 Unlimited Webinars Package
Click on the purple button below with the text, “Register for 2022 Unlimited Webinar Package,” or log into your ACVS account (, select “My Event Registrations,” and choose “Unlimited Webinars Package.” If you do not currently have an ACVS account, you will need to create one.

You will receive the login information to each live webinar two business days prior and again as a reminder the day of the live webinar. Please understand that ACVS is not able to customize which login information you receive. For example, we cannot send you only large animal webinar or small animal webinar login information. It is up to you to decide which webinars you will attend.

The on-demand recordings of each webinar will be available to view on or about 14 days after the live webinar date.

Register for 2022 Unlimited Webinars Package

2022 Individual Webinars

The 2022 Individual Webinars option allows you to choose to register for individual webinars and other learning opportunities that meet your specific continuing education interests and needs.

Rates per individual webinar and other learning opportunities

Per individual webinar
 ACVS/ECVS Diplomate/Emeritus Diplomate  $75
 ACVS/ECVS Resident*  $25
 Veterinary/Other Professional  $100
 Student/Intern/Technician  $50

How to register for Individual Webinars and other learning opportunities
To register for individual webinars, create or log into your ACVS account (at, select “My Event Registrations,” and choose the webinar you would like to attend. Follow the prompts to complete your registration. Follow this process to register for each webinar you would like to attend.

Register for 2022 Individual Webinars

Registration deadline

Registration for individual live webinars closes at noon (ET) the day of the webinar.

Registration for on-demand videos, which will be available on or about 14 days after the live webinar, can occur at any time.

Refunds and cancellations

Refunds are available for individually purchased live webinar and Residents' Workshops registration fees if canceled two weeks prior to the webinar date. Refunds will be made only in cases of extenuating circumstances (e.g., death in the family, medical emergency) and must be supported by written documentation.

All refunds must be requested in writing by mail or email: mail: ACVS, 19785 Crystal Rock Dr, Suite 305, Germantown, MD 20874; email: [email protected]

*Resident, student, and intern registration
ACVS and ECVS residents may register at the resident rate for six calendar years from the start of their program. Students, interns, and graduate students may register at the student rate during their program and for one calendar year after completion of their program. ACVS Diplomates must register at a Diplomate rate.