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Exhibitor Tutorial Program

In addition to scientific podium presentations and poster presentations, SLAS2022 featured dozens of hours of valuable educational content delivered through Exhibitor Tutorials. These sessions will spotlighted emerging technologies, best practices, case studies and approaches to research courtesy of subject matter experts from companies participating in the SLAS2022 Exhibition.

For details on each Exhibitor Tutorial, click HERE for the schedule.

Monday, February 7th

11:30-12:30 pm 11:30-1:00 pm  2:30-3:30 pm 2:30-4:00 pm
Advanced Instruments Biosero Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Gene Data
Analytik Jena US, Inc Hamilton Company HighRes Biosolutions  
Artel   MIMETAS BV  
Benchling    SCIEX  
Thermo Fisher Scientific      
 Wuxi Biortus Biosciences Co, Ltd      

Tuesday, February 8th

8:30-10:00 am 9:00-10:00 am 11:30-12:30 pm  11:30-1:00 pm  2:30-3:30 pm  2:30-4:00 pm
Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. BMG LABTECH, Inc.  Abcam  Brooks Automation Agilent Bruker Corporation
SiLA Consortium Corning Life Sciences Artel  Molecular Devices, LLC  Applied Cells, Inc  Strateos
  Emulate, Inc Azenta Life Sciences   FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics  
  Formulatrix Beckman Coulter Life Sciences    Greiner Bio-One North America, Inc.  
  SEEDSUPPLY Covaris, Inc    SAMDI Tech  
  Waters Corporation  Inscripta    Synthace  
    TetraScience   Thermo Fisher Scientific  
         Waters Corporation  

Wednesday, February 9th

8:30-10:00 am 9:00-10:00 am 11:30-12:30 pm 11:30-1:00 pm
Charles River Nexcelom Bioscience Pelago Bioscience SPT Labtech
PerkinElmer   Titan Software, LTD Tecan Trading AG