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Event Overview

We are excited to announce that we are launching a new model for our annual conferences. Instead of hosting separate events for our animal care and use and human subjects protections communities, we will offer a single PRIM&R Annual Conference (PRIMR22) on December 12-15 (Workshops on December 6 and 8). This year’s event will take place virtually. The agenda is now available and registration is open!

A New Model for a New Era

We believe bringing the entire research oversight community under one roof will better support the field and our constituents in thinking holistically about the research continuum and achieving our shared goal of advancing ethical, responsible, and high-quality research. As the research enterprise evolves and modernizes, we aim to do the same with our educational programs.
  • Addressing research concerns such as reproducibility and translatability demands looking at the entire research lifecycle, and emerging research technologies like gene editing and big data require coordination and communication as well as new approaches to oversight.
  • Many in PRIM&R’s community have responsibilities that span the research oversight program, and many of the challenges facing researchers and research oversight professionals such as supporting research rigor, managing conflicts of interest, and addressing noncompliance, are common to all areas of research oversight.

What Does This Mean for You?

The PRIM&R Annual Conference will continue to meet the unique educational needs of animal and human subjects research oversight professionals, while also providing a forum to discuss the important common themes that span the research enterprise, which we call crossover content.

Crossover content

Who Should Attend?

This meeting is desgined for HRPP/IRB, IACUC/ACU, and IBC directors, administrators, chairs, and members; compliance personnel; QA/QI personnel; institutional research leadership; federal and state representatives; industry personnel; CRO employees; researchers and research staff; legal counsel; public relations professionals; patient advocates; ethicists; and anyone else working within the research enterprise.

Program Format

In its new virtual format, the PRIM&R Annual Conference will span four days and is designed so attendees can create a conference experience that best meets their professional needs and interests. Each of the four days will include a mix of sessions geared toward those working in human subjects research, animal care and use, and/or institutional leadership, as well as sessions on crossover topics. View the PRIMR22 agenda!

For a focused experience, attendees can attend/view the sessions most related to their day-to-day work. Those seeking an enhanced learning experience can choose to attend/view sessions featuring crossover content or sessions related to other areas of research oversight. Given the event is virtual, attendees will have access to all content for a comprehensive experience. In addition, we’ll provide field-specific networking opportunities, as well as options that allow for collaboration and networking across fields and among the various stakeholders in attendance.

On December 6 and 8, we’ll offer an array of half-day, in-depth virtual Workshops on topics related to human subjects research, animal care and use, crossover issues, and institutional leadership. These courses are an additional fee and pre-registration is required. 

Learn more about registration packages and feesRegistration is now open!

We Want Your Input!

We are excited about this new initiative, and hope you are, too! A single annual conference will advance ethics across the research enterprise by addressing shared challenges, breaking down siloed thinking, encouraging idea and resource sharing, and opening lines of communication among offices and personnel involved in the various aspects of research and its oversight.

We will continue to provide updates about this new event, and we look forward to hearing from you along the way! To start, tell us what topics you want to learn more about as part of this new event.

Thank You to Our Planning Committees!

PRIM&R thanks its conference planning committees for their work on this year's programs. Learn more about this year's committee members.