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  • ON DEMAND (PRE-RECORDED) - Click Below
  • ON DEMAND (PRE-RECORDED) Chronosequence Approach to Using Woody Vegetation as an Indicator of Wetland Mitigation Restoration Trajectory in West Virginia

    Presenter: Jessica Bryzek – West Virginia University

    Co-Author: Christopher Rota – West Virginia University

    Co-Author: Elizabeth Byers – West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection

    Co-Author: Walter Veselka – West Virginia University

    Co-Author: James Anderson – Clemson University

  • ON-DEMAND (PRE-RECORDED) Multi-benefit Mitigation Projects

    Presenter: Megan Webb – King County

  • ON-DEMAND (PRE-RECORDED) Understanding the Impact of Applied Seed Mixes and the Seed Bank on the Vegetation Index of Biotic Integrity Score of Re-established Wetlands

    Presenter: Stephen Bailey – Stream + Wetlands Foundation

  • ON-DEMAND (PRE-RECORDED) Using Remote Sensing with Lens to Streamline Restoration Management and Monitoring

    Presenter: Carolyn duPont – Upstream Tech

    Presenter: Stephanie Freed – Ecosystem Investment Partners

    Presenter: Lauren Gingerella – North American Land Trust

  • ON-DEMAND (PRE-RECORDED): A Study of Technology in the Mitigation Banking Lifecycle

    Presenter: Jeff Erramouspe – Wildnote

    Presenter: Renee Punzi – Wildnote

  • ON-DEMAND (PRE-RECORDED): Evaluation of Water Quality/Quantity of Streams Impacted by Restoration Strategies Using the Nutrient Tracking Tool (NTT)Water Quality by nutrient Tracking Tool (NTT)