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Become a Fiber Broadband Association OpTIC™ Trainer

Do you have experience with Fiber Optic communications and want to teach others?   We have an opportunity for you to become an FBA OpTIC™ Course Trainer!

With today’s high speed fiber optic networks providing the bandwidth required for working remotely, distance learning and medical monitoring, it is the role of the professional fiber optic technician to provide the quality workmanship required for these networks to work efficiently and without disruption.   The FBA OpTIC™ course provides future fiber technicians with the knowledge and skills required while potentially opening the door for a professional career with organizations such as telecommunications service providers, Internet service providers, and contractors with additional career opportunities within material manufacturers and supply chain.

The course is designed using a building block format so that novices to the technology can easily follow the course.  Integrated skills training follows the classroom knowledge chapters.  By the completion of the course the technicians will be able to install, test, and troubleshoot components to completed systems, including at subscriber's FTTH locations.

If you have advanced fiber optic knowledge or hands-on skills background, we welcome you to join our team of instructors. To do so, a prequalification will be required through a self-assessment.

Not a skilled professional in all areas of fiber optics?  That’s OK, there is a place for you! Evaluation is done based on your specific skill sets and strengths, whether that is hands-on skills or knowledge.

FBA is actively ramping up the OpTIC program availability, which is taught by the combination of community/veterans’ colleges and telecommunications/internet service providers/contractors nationwide. 

About the FBA OpTIC™ course

The course consists of 144 hours of  hands on skills and knowledge training with the potential for 2,000 hours US Department of Labor National Registered Apprenticeship or 8-week internship.

At our Train the Trainer class we will cover:

  • OpTIC™ curriculum
  • Methods of instruction – virtual/in person
  • Class strategies for skills and knowledge training
  • Instructor responsibilities (coordinating onsite staff, safety, attendance)
  • Product Hands-on Coordination (when applicable)
  • Interfacing with the Fiber Broadband Association
  • Chapter and Exam Review
  • Open discussions/Q & A

Class Schedule:

Sunday, June 12: 1pm - 5pm
Monday, June 13:  830am - 1230pm
Tuesday, June 14: 830am - 1230pm
Wednesday, June 15: 830am - 1230pm

Our instructor will take you on a “Field Trip” through the Expo Hall to visit and meet with the leaders in fiber innovation, service providers, and distribution channels.

All attendees must be registered to attend Fiber Connect 2022 and purchase the class as an add-on fee of $499 and have submitted the Self-evaluation form to participate.  The full conference pass gives you access to all Fiber Connect sessions, meals, and Expo Hall.

To sign up, please fill out the Self-evaluation (Click Here) form and return to

The Fiber Broadband Association is dedicated to Workforce Development and filling the skills gap that will help accelerate fiber deployments across North America. The fiber broadband ecosystem is  looking to fill these much-needed positions.  Join the initiative in improving the unemployment rate, building careers, bringing economic value to communities, and providing the societal benefits that only fiber can provide.