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Fiber Connect 2022 Proof of Concept Demonstrations

The Fiber Broadband Association (FBA) is proud to present six innovative Proof of Concept (PoC) Demonstrations as part of the Fiber Connect 2022 Expo Hall experience. Nine FBA member companies and partners will showcase how network operators can leverage the capacity fiber broadband provides to create endless possibilities for their communities.

The PoC will take place in the Expo Hall Red Zone and run continuously during the Expo Hall hours. The Fiber Connect 2022 PoC demonstrations will showcase how operators can leverage the level of capacity fiber delivers to support applications such as Smart City, Smart Home, Telehealth, 5G, and IoT. Located in Expo Hall in the Fiber Connect 2022 Red Zone, the 2022 PoCs include:

·       Calix – Deliver a Superior Subscriber Experience in a Rapidly Changing Environment

Massive investment into fiber to the home networks is fueling unprecedented growth within the industry. With big incentives to build out fiber network there is a growing pool of competition from likely and unlikely sources. Subscriber needs have also dramatically changed over the last two years and the need for over-the-top valued added services has accelerated beyond original forecasted estimates.

o   Calix will highlight the latest success providing subscribers with the services they want in their smart home such as:

§  ProtectIQ – the only way to protect the subscriber network from cyber attacks starts at the GigaSpire Blast gateway into the home

§  ExperienceIQ – parental controls and device/application prioritization enable subscribers to manage the quality of service while ensuring that children are keep away from harmful content

§  Arlo Secure – connected camera solutions with white glove installations provide critical peace of mind benefits to subscribers

§  CommandIQ – a stunningly simple app that provides subscribers with the ability to manage their home network and provide their own self-help/self-service

§  GigaSpire Blast – a comprehensive line up of residential gateways that provide superior coverage to all types of subscriber homes and home sizes

§  Calix Cloud – Unlock data and insights that help you retain, support and provision subscribers with a single simplified pane of glass

§  Enablement services – Accelerate time to market and function at best-practice levels with a team of professionals who can support your evolving business needs at every step of the way

o   Preview future services:

§  Parental controls off the network

§  Device and warranty protection

§  Small business solutions

§  Community Wi-Fi On-the-Go

§  And more…..


·       Ciena, Plume, Benu Networks – Supporting Cities to Get Smarter and More Connected with an Open and Scalable Residential Broadband Solution

The Ciena’s Residential Broadband solution integrates middle mile and last mile capabilities with our 5164 router and XGS-PON Plugs, MCP Domain Controller, Coherent Optics Plug, and third-party hardware and software. This solution offers service providers of different sizes the ability to implement symmetrical 10G PON over shared fiber to provide cost-efficient and scalable broadband services. This one rack unity (RU) platform also supports IP and Ethernet services over dedicated fiber, network slicing using FlexE and Segment Routing for 5G xHaul and can aggregate and transport traffics coming from this multitude of applications over up to 4 x 200GbE interfaces. It delivers unmatchable scalability enabling the service providers to explore additional markets or business opportunities without additional investment.   

o   With the increased focus on expanding the availability of Broadband connectivity to rural and underserved areas, many deployments will require a complete end-to-end solution. This PoC will demonstrate how Ciena Residential Broadband Solution is open to integrating with market leading Benu Networks virtual Broadband Network Gateway (BNG)and Plume Customer Experience and Wi-Fi management solutions to implement a best-of-breed network serving their community.

o   This PoC aims to help customers in multiple areas and with different use cases, looking for a scalable, flexible, and future-proof network solution to support their communications requirements and understand how the Ciena Broadband Solution is the right one for them.

o   In this POC, we have a Ciena 5164 router acting as the middle and last mile. The 5164 uses two 10GbE to connect to two different Ciena 3928 routers supporting dedicated IP/Ethernet services. Those two services simulate how a city can use the Ciena solutions to provide high-capacity connectivity to places like police departments, hospitals or city administration offices. The same 5164 will also be equipped with our XGS-PON plug to multiple ONUs from Ciena (3801 and 3802) and a third-party vendor using shared fibre, simulating how a city can use our solution to provide residential broadband services in urban or rural areas also connecting schools or public libraries cost-effectively. The traffic will be aggregated using 100GbE/200GbE interfaces. Our Next Generation domain controller, MCP, will manage the Ciena solution. We will also use a third-parties virtualized BNG platform and Wi-fi Manager to demonstrate the openness of our solution.


·       COS Systems, Calix, Lit Communities – Cutting Edge Technologies Create Perfect Storm for Health Care Access and More

LIT communities has worked diligently to bring a full Fiber to the Home network to all residents in Medina County, OH through a public, private, partnership with the County and their local ISP, Medina Fiber.. With the LIT model the FTTH network will begin as not only a partnership with the community for internet - but also with the community's local healthcare system - MetroHealth for Telehealth services. With LIT’s open application network, Medina Fiber customers will have the opportunity to purchase a secure, stable connection to MetroHealth’s remote/telehealth program.

o   LIT is able to wholesale the network or “open” it to other opportunities and applications beyond just high speed internet by utilizing COS Systems Business Engine and marketplace giving higher take-rates and maximizing the monetization of the fiber infrastructure. The Business Engine is a one of its kind BSS/OSS software that is built for multi-network opportunities. With a customer self-service driven online marketplace and zero touch automatic provisioning of services, Medina Fiber customers will easily be able to see the added benefits of having unlimited potential in their fiber network and the possibility to select services from multiple service providers on the same fiber connection.

o   For LIT and Medina Fiber, the added revenue from a wholesale fee is made possible through its streamlined partnerships with both COS and Calix. COS and Calix are fully integrated, allowing the systems to work together seamlessly and for the end user to benefit from the best technologies in the business.

o   LIT and Medina Fiber are being propelled by Calix, the industry leader in network access equipment. The Calix brand does more than just ensure stability and performance, its products are cutting edge and allow API’s that create opportunities to leverage the infrastructure in place. The Calix SMx platform provides flexibility and serviceability, automation of service introductions, network monitoring and troubleshooting and operational scaling. The seamless integration of the COS platform enables LIT to start with initial broadband surveys all the way to operating a network with endless opportunities that fiber will bring to the community. Just as our team has done in Medina County, OH.


·       DZS – Enabling 5G, Smart Cities & Spaces, and IoT Services with Network Edge Transport and 100/200/400G Coherent Optics

Transport capacity at the edge of the network needs to be transformed to meet the bandwidth requirements and densification driven by the deployment of 5G services for consumers, smart cities / spaces, and vertical industry / IoT applications. Technologies ordinarily present in the network core – terabit-class L2/3 routing and tunable coherent DWDM optics – now have a role at the edge of the network for cell site routers and packet-based fronthaul/midhaul/backhaul at the 100G level and above per site.  However, these high performing technologies have not historically been available in a hardened, compact form factor suitable for network-edge deployments.

o   This proof of concept (POC) includes the 3.6Tbps DZS M3500 xHaul switch / router, and the DZS SABER 4400 Optical transport platform using 100G and above multi-rate coherent transport-capable optics for 4G / 5G network connectivity, in a configuration suitable for outdoor or network edge deployment at a cell site, shelter, or cabinet. Test are conducted over 80+ km of simulated fiber plant without amplification or regeneration, representing a highly cost effective and simplified solution for trans-metro or remote site reach at 100, 200, or 400Gbps per wavelength.


·       IP Infusion – Multi-Service Converged Broadband Aggregation

In this Proof of Concept, IP will highlight how a disaggregated router hosted on white box hardware, can aggregate multi-services traffic (i.e., voice, video, data) from a variety of Optical Line Terminal (OLT) form factors: Chassis-based, Remote OLT, Virtual OLT, etc. The Aggregation Router and OLTs (physical & virtual) are based on IP Infusion OcNOS software platform, which includes the Network Operating System, Control and Management Plane, and abstraction layers to enable multi-vendor/multi-platform integration.

o   Our PoC illustrates the benefits of disaggregated optical networking, where diverse devices are implemented using a common software platform:

§  Simplify operations with a common platform that training and management costs

§  Efficiently aggregate traffic at scale- up to 400G or higher

§  Seamlessly migrate from legacy services to enable wide range of brownfield use cases

§  Enable Best of Breed technology (e.g., advanced optics) to be readily deployed in a range of devices


·       Nokia – Fiber for our broadband future now

Fiber is the ultimate broadband infrastructure and thanks to the efforts of operators and government programs, more users will be enjoying its benefits nationwide. Unlike roads and bridges, fiber infrastructure upgrades with wavelengths making it truly futureproof. In this PoC demo, we will show how fiber capacity increases from GPON to XGS-PON to 25G and beyond simply by adding wavelengths to a single strand of glass. We will demonstrate on a live fiber network how our narrowband, black phone past and our multi-gigabit future can co-exist in all fiber networks. And finally, we will explore the vast number of services that converge onto a high-speed fiber connection to spark new opportunities for consumers, businesses, and communities as a whole.