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Fiber Connect 2022 Pre-Conference Workshops


As fiber broadband industry prepares to leverage the historic, once-in-a-generation opportunity ahead, the Fiber Broadband Association is pleased to offer five pre-conference workshops to discuss, debate and share ideas on some of the industry’s biggest topics, challenges, and opportunities. Speakers include a wide range of industry professionals with deep experience and relevant insight from with Fiber Broadband Association’s membership, partner organizations and the people that are helping shape policy and programs.

Workshops take place on Sunday, June 12, at the Gaylord Resort and Conference Center. Details on sessions, location and sessions are below. Information on speakers can be found in the full conference agenda.

Pre-registration is required so please contact if you would like to add one of these workshops to your Fiber Connect 2022 agenda. Pricing to add a pre-conference workshop is $199.

1.       Broadband Starter Kit, presented by the Fiber Broadband Association

1.       Ryman Ballroom A/B

o   12:30 pm – Welcome and Introduction

o   12:40 pm – The Community Broadband Assessment

o   1:40 pm – The Value and Impact of Research and Brand Positioning

o   2:40 pm – Building Community Support and Political Will

o   3:40 pm – Marketing Strategies for New Deployments

o   4:40 pm – Broadband Funding Options

2.       Fiber Playbook for State Broadband Officers, presented by Fiber Broadband Association

·       Ryman Studios M/N/O

o   12:30 pm – Welcome and Introduction

o   12:40 pm – The State Broadband Office

o   1:40 pm – Implementing the BEAD Program

o   2:40 pm – State and Federal Inter-Agency Coordination

o   3:40 pm – The Role of Public/Private Partnerships

o   4:40 pm – Best Practices Roundtable

3.       Fiber 101, Presented by Fiber Broadband Association

·       Ryman Studios D/E

o   12:30 pm – Fiber Broadband Basics

o   1:15 pm – Fiber Network Design

4.       Fiber Panels for Cable Operators, Presented by ACA Connects and CableFax

·       Ryman Studios D/E

o   2:30 pm – The Fiber Revolution

o   3:30 pm – Adding Fiber to Your Marketing Plan

o   4:30 pm – Regulatory Checklist

5.       The Future of Fiber Technologies BASe Workshop, Presented by The Broadband Forum

·       Ryman Studios P/Q/R

o   12:30 pm – Future of Fiber Access Technology Investment

o   1:45 pm – Future Fiber Access Technology Use Cases and Best Practices

o   3:00 pm – FTTP and “In-Building” Connectivity Options

o   4:15 pm – Connected User Services: Technology & Standards Advancements for Evolved Broadband Services



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Pre-Conference Workshop Pricing

Fiber Connect will offer multiple Pre-Conference Workshops on Sunday Afternoon, June 12. Pricing for each workshop will be:

  By April 15 After April 15
Network Operators and Public Officials Free! Free!
All Other FBA Members Free! $99
Nonmembers $199 $199
Sponsors and Exhibitors $199 $199

Broadband Starter Kit Workshop

12:30 – 5:30PM

Fiber Playbook for State Broadband Officers

12:30 – 5:30PM

Fiber Panels for Cable Operators

2:30 – 5:30PM

The Future of Fiber Technologies BASe Workshop

12:30 – 5:30PM 

*Each of these sessions costs an additional registration fee and is not included in the Fiber Connect Conference registration. You must be registered for the Fiber Connect 2022 to register for a pre-conference workshop.