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Exhibits & Convention Schedule

FRIDAY, October 21, 2022

0630-1800h    ICAPP Pittman Review Course

SATURDAY, October 22, 2022

0700-2000h     ICAPP Pittman Review Course
0700-1800h     ASTNA Board Meeting
0800-1700h     IAMTCS Advanced Communication Specialists Course (cancelled)
0800-1700h     IAMTCS Certified Flight Communicator Course (cancelled)
0900-1100h     Aircraft Fly-In
1200-1800h     Registration Open
1300-1800h     Exhibits Set Up

SUNDAY, October 23, 2022

0700-1800h     ASTNA Committee Meetings
0800-1700h     IBSC Board Meeting
0800-1800h     Exhibits Set-Up
0800-1700h     AMPA Core Curriculum I
0800-1700h     IAMTCS Advanced Communication Specialists Course (cancelled)
0800-1700h     IAMTCS Certified Flight Communicator Course (cancelled)
0800-1200h     IBSC Exams
0900-1800h     Registration Open
1300-1730h     AAMS Board Meeting
1300-1700h     Ventilator Lab Workshop
1600-1800h     IAMTCS Board Meeting
1600-1700h     Neonatal & Pediatric Transport Team Reception
1800-2000h     AMPA Board Meeting
1800-1900h     AAMS Membership Meeting
1830-2100h     Memorial Lights Display

MONDAY, October 24, 2022

0800-2100h    Registration Open
0800-1100h    Exhibits Set-Up
0900-1700h    Clinical Lab/Workshop
0830-0930h    Education Sessions
0900-1800h    SIM CUP Preliminary Rounds
0945-1015h    Education Sessions
1030-1200h    Opening General Session
1200-1830h    Exhibits & Scientific Assembly Open
1200-1830h    Clinical Challenge
1200-1400h    EXPO Hall Concessions Lunch
1300-1700h    Ventilator Lab Workshop
1300-1400h    Education Sessions
1415-1815h    Education Sessions
1500-1700h    Medical Transport Leadership Institute (MTLI) Info Session
1715-1815h    CMTE & MSTP-C  Reception
1830-2000h    Welcome Event - "Havana Nights"

TUESDAY, October 25, 2022

0700-0745h    Morning Yoga
0730-0930h    Cadaver Lab - Session 1
0800-1700h    Registration Open
0800-1400h    SIM CUP Final Rounds
0800-0900h    NEMSPA Board Meeting
0830-0930h    Education Sessions
0900-1730h    Exhibits & Scientific Assembly Open
0900-1730h    Clinical Challenge
0930-1130h    Multifaceted Bleeding Control Workshop 
0945-1045h    Education Sessions
1000-1200h    Cadaver Lab - Session 2
1000-1200h    Critical Care Transport Academy (CCTA) Info Session
1030-1200h    Scientific Assembly Poster Presenations
1100-1200h    Education Sessions
1100-1130h    Paraclete Aviation Life Support Press Conference
1200-1330h    ASTNA Luncheon
1200-1400h    EXPO Hall Concessions Lunch
1200-1400h    Safety Management Training Academy (SMTA) Info Session
1230-1300h    Hélio Castronovas Presentation 
1300-1500h    Cadaver Lab - Session 3
1345-1445h    Education Sessions
1400-1600h    Clinical Educators Symposium (CES) Info Session
1400-1430h    SIM CUP Awards Presentation
1500-1530h    Education Sessions
1515-1715h    Cardiopulmonary Airway Lab
1530-1730h    Cadaver Lab - Session 4
1530-1630h    Community Award Winner Reception
1545-1615h    Education Sessions
1630-1730h    EXPO Theatre "Clinical Trivia"
1630-1730h    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Panel
1745-1845h    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Reception

WEDNESDAY, October 26, 2022

0800-1100h    Registration Open
0830-0930h    Education Sessions
0900-1100h    Exhibits & Scientific Assembly Open
0900-1100h    Bloody Marys & Mimosas Bar
0945-1045h    Education Sessions
1100h             Exhibits Tear Down
1115-1230h    Closing Keynote Session