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Communications Sessions

Honora Parate: Reflections on the Loss of Life Flight Three

   Christina M. Shelton, BSN, RN, CCRN, CEN, NRP, CMTE - Duke Life Flight

How do you respond to the worst day imaginable for your program? Duke faced this question when it experienced the tragic loss of three crew members and a patient on September 8th, 2017. The next several months brought Life Flight dark days and the team had to develop resiliency to continue their mission. To honor the crew lost, to repay the support received from the HEMS industry and EMS community, Christina will share some of her experiences and how going forward the goal is to help prepare others for the day that all hope never comes. The emphasis is raising industry awareness for personal and program preparedness prior to tragedy.

Data Visualization and Automation for EMS

   George Bryant - Fulton Analytics   
   Matt Smiles

There is a lot of data collected in air medical programs. Clinical, operational and even transportation data is easy to get and it’s overwhelming. Using that data is more complex than you think and it should not rely on one person, manual processing, and complex Excel functions and tables. This presentation will provide real-world examples of the implementation of a ground-up data integration solution in an air medical program. The presenters will discuss data integrity as a foundational concept and demonstrate the power of automation to provide visualized data to make Operational, Quality and Compliance decisions in any complex air medical environment.

Tornados, Extended Downtime, and Shootings...Oh My! A Communication Specialist's Nightmare

   Stacy L. Hubbard, MHA-ED, RRT-NPS, EMT-B, C-NPT, CMTE - Dayton Children's Hospital

In one year the Communication Center at Dayton Children's Hospital went through 3 major disasters, both internal and external. This is a run through of what happened, what went wrong, what went right, and what changes were brought about because of it.

More to come soon! Stay tuned here...