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Leadership Sessions

Battle the Great Resignation : Maximize Employee Engagement!

   Tracey D. Suppa-Todd, PHR - HealthNet Aeromedical Services, Inc

What engages employees-- what generates passion not only for the profession, but also passion for your company and the patients you serve? And how does this passion create long-lasting employment relationships in an era that has become infamous for mass employee resignations? In this session, attendees will learn more about factors that drive employee engagement and the role it plays in retention and employee satisfaction. Participants will discover critical points within the employment life cycle and will obtain and share best practices for enhancing employee engagement and reducing costly staff turnover.

How Do You Know If Someone Is Gonna Be Good? Picking Talent in Today's Market

   Thomas J. Liebman, MBA, FP-C, CMTE - Global Medical Response

In a post pandemic world, staffing has emerged as one of the biggest challenges facing today's medical providers. Finding new employees and deciding who to hire can leave you feeling like you are throwing darts at a dartboard - while blindfolded! A mistake in hiring costs your company time, money, and can harm your company's culture. In this session, Tom will be focusing on interviewing skills and best practices with today's workforce to help you figure out who is gonna be good!

Designing an Escape Fire: Initial Response to a Health Care Crisis

   Susan A. Gidding, MHS RN RRT - Life Flight Network   Veronica L. Mitchell-Jones, FP-C - Life Flight Network

This presentation will describe the importance of maintaining resilience while building on existing capacity and organizational infrastructure during a pandemic or health care crisis. An important aspect of organizational response is the ability to pivot from a reactive model to a predictive model. These models enable organizations to obtain and analyze data, improve supply chain, secure and distribute PPE and build robust surveillance and reporting systems. Lessons learned will be shared along with how to apply these lessons to assist healthcare organizations to become better prepared for future public health threats.

CAMTS 12th Edition - Are You Ready?

   Tobin Miller, DNP, MSN/Ed., RN, CEN, CCRN, CFRN - American Medical Response / Global Medical Response   
   Jan Eichel, MBA, RN, CFRN, EMT-P - Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS)

CAMTS is now moving into the 12th Edition Standards. When preparing for a CAMTS site survey, programs often have questions regarding the standards. Join CAMTS associate executive director Jan Eichel and CAMTS board member Tobin Miller for an energetic and interactive session to help learn the standards. This session will cover clarifications for commonly misunderstood standards as well as a review of some key areas in the 12th edition standards

Case Studies in Advanced Leadership - Elevate Edition

   Thomas J. Liebman, MBA, FP-C, CMTE - Global Medical Response   
   Tom Allenstein, RN, MBA, CMTE - MedFlight/MedCare Ambulance

Join Tom and Tom for a special Elevate Edition of Case Studies in Advanced Leadership! Using an entirely interactive format, Tom and Tom will lead the participants through a variety of advanced leadership topics. Do they have all the right answers? Probably not......but join them as they explore leadership Elevated!

Facebook Posts and Tiktoks... the Sharing Won't Stop! What to Do When Your HR Policies Get Trampled on Social Media

   Tracey D. Suppa-Todd, PHR - HealthNet Aeromedical Services, Inc

Organizational leaders wish their employees would post only shiny, happy positive things about the company on their social media outlets. Unfortunately, though, employers have learned we must take the bad along with the good. But, what about those posts that cross the line from being irksome to putting the company at risk in some way? This interactive session will help you untangle policy violations from the social media web so that you can have impact on changing behaviors while respecting employees' rights to share online.

The Impact of a Nursing Shortage on Transport Medicine Programs

   Scott E. James, DNP, RN, MBA, NEA-BC, NRP, CEN, CFRN - Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals, Inc.

The post/intra-pandemic "Great Resignation" of 2021 effected multitudes of industries throughout the United States and certainly did not spare the field of nursing. Hospitals witnessed their primary caregivers depart for high salary travel assignments, resign to neighboring hospitals that offered better pay, bonuses, and working conditions; or the employee left the field of nursing altogether due to burnout. These factors combined to create one of the largest vacuums of talent in healthcare and transport medicine programs are on life support as one of its victims. This session will examine current states of the nursing and paramedicine workforce as they relate to the needs of transport medicine programs. Case studies will be used to discuss alternative models, best practices, and other innovations employed by leading transport programs.

When Good Teams Go Wrong

   Kevin Schitoskey, RN, MSN, CFRN, TCRN, CMTE - Med-Trans Corporation

They were every supervisor's dream team - highly functional team members with a motivated leader. Years of toiling out of the public eye lead to some interesting (and commonly seen) dysfunctional behaviors. Does your multi-base program have differing cultures at different bases? This cultural creep is ubiquitous. During this presentation, Kevin will describe the Nut Island Effect, it's application to the industry, and most importantly, strategies to refocus the dysfunctional team. Kevin will then demonstrate how leadership and culture has a measurable effect on the organization - employee well-being, burnout, attrition - and ultimately safety. Utilizing effective case study format, this presentation will rely heavily on audience participation to ensure a meaningful and applicable participant experience.