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Note: Workshops require additional registration and a separate fee to attend. Not sure if you are registered? Contact to confirm.

CRA Exam Workshop

Sunday, July 10 | 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM

The Certified Radiology Administrator (CRA) Exam Workshop is designed to facilitate the attendees’ study and preparation for the CRA Exam. The course reviews each domain, or subject area, covered in the exam — fiscal management, human resource management, operations management, asset management, and communication and information management. It focuses on areas to study and provides references and direction to other resources. Attendees should use the course to identify their respective areas of strength and weakness. Completion of the workshop will help attendees focus their areas of study for the CRA Exam. Breakfast and lunch are included in the registration fee. View the full CRA Exam Workshop Agenda.

2022 Executive Business Leadership Workshop

Sunday, July 10 | 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Presenter: David Waldron, BSC, ACIB, CDipAF

This engaging, interactive leadership workshop is designed to achieve four key goals:
  - Identify strategies to overcome the challenges that all radiology leaders face
  - Enhance your leadership skills to engage your staff, build staff engagement leading to an exceptional patient experience
  - Invest in your individual "personal brand" and develop the enthusiasm that leads to winning teams
  - Create an environment that results in your staff bringing their "A" game everyday!

Read (Hidden) Emotions: The Science Behind a New Skill

Sunday, July 10 | 1:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Presenter: Dan Seidman

You can have access to information about others, which you have never before known - what they are thinking and feeling. In this unique and highly-interactive experience, you'll discover the science of reading (hidden) emotions in the face. Applications for this are broad — improving interactions related to leadership, selling, hiring and more, including management of personal relationships. It is important to know what someone is thinking and feeling when your goal is to build constructive relationships through leading, coaching, selling or hiring. People often attempt to suppress their emotions. But there is “leakage,” known as micro-expressions, which occur in 1/5th of a second. 

In this unique and highly interactive communication program, you will experience a special video tool and hands-on coaching to help you increase Emotional Intelligence, as you learn to spot these emotions. These potent skills are based on 40+ years of research by Dr. Paul Ekman. In the past, training has been kept to law enforcement and security firms. Organizations who use these detection skills across the globe include the Interpol, CIA, FBI, TSA, Scotland Yard, Emirates Airlines and more. Hollywood embraced this when Lord of the Rings won the Academy Award for Visual Effects by employing the science. This elite training has been re-designed so business professionals can adopt these potent techniques and leave this experience enabled to better manage the feelings of others. Whether you lead, sell, coach or hire, you can see an increase in your EQ, influence and communication skills.

AHRA Leaders of Choice Program: Opening Session

Sunday, July 10 | 1:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Presenter: David Waldron, BSC, ACIB, CDipAF

AHRA’s transformative new, year-long business program will prepare senior imaging professionals to be the confident, next-level leaders needed to manage and shape the future of the increasingly complex healthcare environment. In addition to growing overall business skills, presentation skills, and financial acumen, participants will be challenged to be bold thinkers, capable of changing the status quo and creating the path forward for their organizations.

AHRA’s Leaders of Choice Program will run for a full year, starting with this half-day workshop at AHRA 2022 in Phoenix followed by 9 webinars, and culminating in a wrap-up at AHRA 2023.

Special registration for this session is required. Visit the Leaders of Choice site for the full agenda and additional information.

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