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More ACVS Webinars and On-Demand Learning
on the way in 2021

Register today for the August webinar!

Additional ACVS webinars and on-demand learning opportunities are on the horizon to help you earn the continuing education credits you need this year.

ACVS will soon announce six additional live webinars (August through November) and four on-demand recordings of select 2021 Surgery Summit seminars and lectures. These opportunities are not included in the purchase of the 2020–2021 Unlimited Webinars Package.

Register now for the August webinar! On August 25, 6–8 pm (ET), ACVS will present a small animal webinar, Feline Orthopedic Disease, which will discuss the diagnosis and management of hip and tarsal problems and elbow and stifle joints.

Browse the full slate of currently available on-demand learning options here.