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Use this site to plan your SmileCon™ education schedule! Browse sessions using the links to the left, or search by speaker or keyword. CE courses take a break each day at noon, so it’s a perfect time to grab lunch and visit Dental Central.

Your Schedule
Once you register for SmileCon 2021, you may log in and begin to Favorite courses by clicking the stars next to them. To view your Favorites, log in and click on your name at the upper right. Then click on My Schedule.

Marking Favorites can help you plan your day, but it doesn’t hold a seat for you. For Hands-On Activities and Pre-SmileCon Education, you will enroll and pay during online registration. For Presentations (lectures, etc.), no pre-registration is required, and access is first-come, first-served.

Your Handouts
When handouts for a course are available, a Slides/ Handouts button will appear below the course description. Log in and click on My Schedule to get your handouts. (Remember, only courses you have Favorited will appear in My Schedule.)

CE Verification
After you attend a complete course, it will appear in your account on the Verify CE website. (The site “knows” you attended because your SmileCon badge is scanned at the door.) At the end of the course, listen for the speaker to read the verification code. You will need to enter this number in the Verify CE website. To log in, you will need to know your Registration ID and the email address you registered with.

CE General Information
For complete details and guidelines, visit

SMILECON is a trademark of the American Dental Association.

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