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Welcome to the SciX 2021 Interactive Program

View the entire program and start building your schedule! While you are preparing to come to SciX and while you are on-site, you can use this site as your interactive program.  You can also watch on-demand presentations here.

Please note not all speakers will be in attendance in person but those who cannot attend will have their presentations aired in their session rooms during SciX.

How To Log In & Use the Site

To create an account and log in, you need to obtain the event code:
If you registered for the conference before Tuesday, August 31, you were e-mailed an event code.
If you registered for the conference after Tuesday, August 31, you were e-mailed an event code in your confirmation e-mail.

1. Go to Log in at the top right of this screen
2. Click 'Create an Account' at the bottom left
3. Enter your first and last name, email, and the event code you were emailed
4. Please wait about 10 minutes to receive your personalized access key via email. Please check spam/junk folders.

Now that you have your personalized access key, this is what you will use to log into the system each time. You will likely be logged in already, but for when you have to log back into the system later:

1. Go to 'login' at the top right of this screen.
2. Enter your email and personalized access key
3. Click Continue

How to Build your Schedule

1. Make sure you are logged in!
2. Click on Full Program on the left-hand menu
3. To favorite a presentation that you would like to attend, click the STAR next to the presentation name
4. To view all presentations you have favorited, go to My Experiences, and click "My Schedule"
5. Your favorited presentations will appear under "My Schedule"

How to View Pre-recorded/On Demand Presentations

1. Make sure you are logged in!
2. Go to Full Program or search for a presentation
3. Click on the presentation you would like to view
4. Click "Play Presentation"
5. If there is not a play presentation button, that means that the presentation has not yet been uploaded and/or recorded.

How to Network with Other Attendees

1. Make sure you are logged in!
2. Go to My Experiences, and click "Networking"
3. Search for the attendee you would like to chat
4. Click on their name and click "chat attendee"
5. Send them a message, and they will receieve an e-mail that you have sent them a message.

Not registered yet?

You can browse the program for a sneak peak, but you won’t be able to build your schedule until you log in. Register here to receive your unique event code in your confirmation email!

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