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2021 Annual Meeting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the deadline to submit an abstract for the 2022 Annual Meeting?

The abstract submission site will launch in May. Abstracts submissions are due by 9pm eastern on Monday, August 2, 2021.

How can I submit a Postgraduate Course or Scientific Forum proposal for the 2022 Annual Meeting?

Course Proposals must be submitted via this online form by Friday, May 14th. Status notifications will be sent by June 11, 2021.

What are the system requirements to participate in the meeting?

If you are equipped for a Zoom call, then you have everything you need for the meeting: a desktop computer, an internet connection, speakers/headphones, a microphone, and a webcam. The SMFM virtual meeting will be contained on the CadmiumCD platform and link out to Zoom for many of the sessions. Users will need:

  • A solid Internet connection (either wired or wireless)
  • A desktop computer that runs one of these:
  • Speakers or headphones (to listen to the talks)

If you are a speaker or attending a roundtable or meet-the-expert session, you will also need a microphone (so others can hear you speak) and a webcam so others can see you.

What time zone is the Annual Meeting schedule in?

All times are in Eastern Standard Time.

Will the content be offered live or pre-recorded and on-demand? When will the course materials be available for review prior to the course?

All of the content is clearly marked throughout the virtual meeting site to identify whether it will be presented live or is a prerecording that will be available prior to the course.  Most of the scientific sessions will be presented in real time with opportunities for interaction with the faculty. Post-Graduate Courses will feature a mix of live and pre-recorded content, allowing registrants across multiple time zones to view content on their own schedule, while also offering access to the faculty to ask questions during scheduled Q&A times and live panel discussions. Prerecorded postgraduate course presentations will be available to course registrants the week prior to the meeting. Click here for detailed instructions to navigate the website to access course materials.

Content Type Pre-Meeting Post-Meeting to include content presented live
Slides and Course Materials for Postgraduate Courses, Forums, President’s Workshop January 19th By February 12th
Oral Presentations Not available By February 12th
Posters January 25th N/A
Poster Audio January 28th N/A
Abstract text Now N/A

Following the meeting, registrants will have access to all sessions for on-demand viewing through December 2021.

How do I build my personal meeting schedule?

After you have logged in, select the star icon next to each session you wish to attend as you browse the schedule. Clicking on "My Schedule" will allow you to view your schedule, see how many CME you will earn after attending each postgraduate course you have registered for, take notes. Your schedule can also be printed and exported to word, pdf, and your outlook calendar*. You can also favorite posters, presenters, exhibitors, and attendees, enabling you to easily locate them later.
*Note that the export to outlook is a download that will not dynamically update in real time. Please be sure to check this site and the “My Schedule” tab for the most up-to-date information about sessions that are on your schedule.

Can I attend sessions concurrently and “bounce between rooms?”

Yes! We are using a hub and spoke model for most of the content. The virtual meeting site is the hub and the Postgraduate Courses, Scientific Forums, Roundtables, and Oral Sessions are the spokes. You can return to the site at any time to access another session. Because of zoom limitations, it will not be possible to be logged in to multiple sessions at the same time; however, the overwhelming benefit of a virtual meeting is that everything will be recorded and available for you to access through the end of 2021. 

How can I access the livestream for the sessions?

Thirty minutes prior to the start of each session, the "livestream" button will become enabled for registrants. If the button is still greyed out within 30 minutes of the session start, you don't have the course included in your registration record. If this is in error, please contact the registrar via email or the helpdesk.

How can we interact with one another and connect through the virtual meeting?

There are several ways to interact with your colleagues, including abstract authors and course faculty:

  • Receptions: The Wednesday opening reception will provide a unique opportunity to engage with your MFM colleagues in a fun and casual way. The Meet-the-Fellows reception (invite only) will also provide an opportunity for current MFM Fellows, and residents applying to MFM to interact with leaders in MFM.
  • Text-based chat and Q&A: All courses will offer the opportunity to connect via a discussion or Q&A tab.
  • Roundtable, Meet-the-Expert, and Special Interest Sessions: These sessions and ancillary events are aimed to foster networking among registrants.
  • Attendee profile pages: Registrants will be encouraged to upload a photo, add digital badges, and include social media information.  When completing your attendee profile, opt-in to share your profile with other attendees so that you can also message meeting participants.

How will the poster sessions work?

The meeting will feature four poster sessions and over 1,000 posters. 

  • During the poster sessions, the presenting author will be available to LIVE chat and answer questions from attendees as they browse the posters.
  • Poster authors were also given the option to upload a short presentation to accompany their poster. This benefit to a virtual meeting will allow registrants to hear presentations from all of the poster presenters, something not possible during an in-person meeting.

When will I be able to view the posters and hear the poster audio?

Poster pdf images will be released on Monday, January 25, 2021. Poster audio (which was an option but not required of presentations) will be available beginning at 8am on Thursday, January 28, 2021.  Posters that have audio available are marked with a speaker icon in the schedule listing.

What does my registration for the Scientific Sessions include?

Your scientific sessions registration fee includes all plenary and concurrent sessions, poster presentations, scientific forums, special interest meetings, networking events, virtual exhibits, and industry-sponsored sessions. Your registration credentials will also permit your access to the content through December 2021.

What is not included in my registration for the Scientific Sessions?

Similar to our in-person meeting, Postgraduate Courses, roundtable sessions, and meet-the-expert sessions are not included in your Scientific Sessions registration fee and must be purchased separately during the registration process. A pricing sheet is available here.

Can I share my registration credentials with a colleague?

No, your registration credentials are unique to your personal email address and are tied to your SMFM credentials. Further, the virtual experience is enhanced if all registrants have a profile in the system and can connect with other registrants based on information contained in the profile.

Is CME available for attending the meeting?

CME is available for attending many of the Postgraduate Courses and upon completion of the post-meeting evaluation. CME is available for attending in real time and for viewing the course materials following the official meeting dates. CME is not available for attending the scientific sessions; however, a certificate of attendance is available for all registrants.

How long will I have access to the meeting presentation recordings and materials?

Your registration credentials will allow access to the virtual meeting platform and all content – Postgraduate Courses you registered for, oral, and poster presentations – through December 2021. The only content that will not be recorded are the meet-the-expert sessions. Content that was presented live will be available via this site the week of February 8th.

Will presentations still be eligible to receive awards as in prior years?

Yes. Oral and poster sessions will be judged, and awards will be announced following the meeting in February.

When will I get my abstract book?

The AJOG Journal Supplement will be available online in February. Physical copies of the book will not be mailed for the 2021 meeting.

I have an oral presentation. Where can I find more information?

Oral presentation information can be found here.

I have a poster presentation. Where can I find more information?

Poster presentation information can be found here.