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Creoptix Inc.

Introducing waveRAPID® from Creoptix, the new way of measuring kinetics to boost throughput. Instead of relying on a titration series in conventional kinetics, waveRAPID® injects a single concentration, pulsing the sample over the sensing surface at increasing durations. From a single well, kinetics can be derived: the on-rate, off-rate, affinity and Rmax. With no need for serial dilutions or DMSO corrections, set-up time is significantly reduced, runs are faster, and wells are freed up to run more samples. Our innovation selects and confirms hits in only one measurement, eliminating stages previously required for traditional hit identification. Now, researchers can select drug candidates more accurately with both binding kinetics and affinity data obtained in a screen. In summary, waveRAPID® offers the following benefits: 1) Measure kinetics in a primary screening setting within hours instead of days. 2) More space on the well plate to measure kinetic data with only one injection. 3) Save time by gathering kinetic information (i.e. rate constant of association and dissociation of the receptor ligand with the drug) and affinity data (i.e. binding strength) in one single experiment. 4) Distinguishing real binders from non-specific interactions and minimize false positives thanks to a full characterization at the first screening stage.

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