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Applied Biosystems™ QuantStudio™ 7 Pro Real-Time PCR System

Thermo Fisher Scientific

The Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 7 Pro Real-Time PCR System adds innovative smart features to the real-time PCR (qPCR) workflow, all in a compact footprint. With facial authentication, voice commands, Smart Help, multiplex capability, motorized interchangeable blocks, simplified workflow, intuitive software, automation capabilities, and large capacitive touch-screen interface, the QuantStudio 7 Pro system offers exceptional reproducibility with minimal well-to-well and instrument-to-instrument variation. Designed for ultimate ease-of-use, the system offers high quality, high throughput, excellent reliability, and an optimal user experience for researchers who want to work smarter in the lab.  Pair the QuantStudio 7 Pro system with the Thermo Scientific Orbitor RS2 Microplate Mover for greater flexibility, increased sample throughput, and operational efficiency.

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