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Stilla Technologies

Stilla Technologies is taking digital PCR to a whole new level. The new naica(R)system provides a full digital PCR solution with flexible sample throughput including the unique 6-color detection channels of the NEW Prism instrument which enables another exclusive dimension for multiplexed dPCR assays. By targeting multiple sequences at once, multiple results can be obtained in a single test run that otherwise would require several tests and thus higher reagent input as well as more time to get the results of all combined experiments. Stilla Technologies also introduces new dedicated naica(R) multiplex PCR MIX reagents which were developed and optimized for multiplexing dPCR assays. Especially the unique 10X format of the naica(R) multiplex PCR MIX allows to obtain more information from precious liquid biopsy samples, as less input material is required due to the innovative formulation of the reagent mix. The new naica® system - a flexible full solution for every digital PCR application. Introducing absolute genetic target quantification with exclusive capabilities of up to unique 6-color digital PCR multiplexing.

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