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The Logic Vue is a specialized Class II enclosure designed to maximize protection and containment for large instruments such as liquid handlers, flow cytometers, and other pieces of automated equipment. The Logic Vue provides laminar, unidirectional ISO 5 air for product protection and meets or exceeds NSF/ANSI Standard 49 testing criteria for product and personnel protection. High visibility windows on all sides provide unobstructed viewing to the stainless steel interior, and dual full-open 42" sashes in the front and rear allow easy access to instrumentation placed within the Logic Vue. Powered by MyLogic™ OS with Constant Airflow Profile™ technology, the Logic Vue constantly keeps users safe by displaying alerts, filter life, and more. The Logic Vue also incorporates a specialized reinforced work surface, safety interlock for automated equipment, plus 16 pass-throughs, ample knee space, and access ports. Automate your lab safely and seamlessly with the Logic Vue.,

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