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Baker Company

Standard Class II, Type A2 biosafety cabinet workspaces are designed for the arm reach of an average height person for manual manipulations of samples with handheld instruments. Automation of lab operations increases the size of instrumentation and the need for larger BSC spaces. Baker engineers have modified the industry standard SterilGARD biological safety cabinet to accommodate the lab automation market. In addition to extending the depth and height of the cabinet to physically fit the equipment, we make sure user interface and service requirements are met, provide Class II pass throughs for data, power, and fluidics; and can provide spot ventilation for high heat dissipation.. The hinge down front grille allows the easy placement of instruments into the workspace while providing the users with ease of use at the required elevation of the instrument work deck. The SterilGARD model SG604 XD XT HD (extra deep, extra tall and hinged down) sets the standard for isolation and containment of automated wet lab procedures.

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