Automation Drug Discovery MALDI Pipettors / Pipette Tips Reformatting

CyBio Well Vario

Analytik Jena GmbH

The CyBio Well vario is an automated, simultaneous pipetting platform, which accepts a series of different interchangeable pipetting heads, thus combining high flexibility with upgradeability for future tasks. The CyBio Well vario fulfills your high-precision pipetting requirements with a constant performance over the entire volume range.The system adapts into any screening environment and can be equipped with a variety of accessories. Using the air displacement technology, the CyBio Well vario family guarantees consistently high precision in the range from 100 nL to 250 µL. The use of the disposable polypropylene tips or the reusable glass tips with the CyBio Well vario head 1536/8 µL enables excellent pipetting performance during the execution of cell-based assays.

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