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Introducing highly-defined, consistent and reliable human muscle cells for research, disease modelling and high throughput screening across areas such as muscle, neuromuscular, and associated metabolic disorders. ioSkeletal Myocytes have been reprogrammed from human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) using our precise reprogramming technology: opti-ox. The technology allows for human pluripotent stem cells, within days, to convert into skeletal myocytes, providing a high-quality, easy to use, cellular model. Skeletal myocytes demonstrate robust expression of components of the contractile apparatus and form striated, multinucleated, myocytes by Day 10 post revival, that contract in response to acetylcholine. Unprecedented batch-to-batch consistency allows for their use in demanding screening applications where small changes need to be detected against background noise. human iPSC-derived skeletal myocytes are available at scale, easy to culture and ready for experiments within days. Advantages: – Ready for experimentation within days – Highly characterised and defined – Easy culturing Applications: – Muscle, neuromuscular and metabolic research – Amenable to high throughput screening – Contractility assays – 3D co-cultures – Genetic screening (e.g. CRISPR screening) For more information please email

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