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Celltrio’s innovative RoboCell™ platform scales from specific cell line tasks to a fully automated cell culturing, harvesting, and cryogenic storage in one end-to-end system. The modular design enables Celltrio’s trademark of simple, scalable automation, providing the fastest path to cell line automation today. Your processes and protocols determine which, and how many automated task modules to combine into the RoboCell™ platform or plug and play into an already existing solution. Some of Celltrio’s automated task modules include: RoboStor™ (LN2 Biobanking), RoboReader™ (cell culturing and imaging), Robo-LH™ (liquid handling), Robo-I™ (incubation), and Robo-C™ (centrifugation). The Celltrio modular approach offers an outstanding degree of flexibility in capacity and throughput and allows scientists and researchers to move along the automation continuum at their own pace. From the laboratory bench to a fully automated lab solution, the lag time for drug discovery will be dramatically reduced. With this combination of precision and speed, cell line automation will truly revolutionize drug discovery workflow. RoboCell™ example applications: • Adherent mammalian cell lines • Suspension immune cell lines • Personalized cell lines (in parallel) • Standard research • Early Drug Discovery -Target identification & validation -Assay development -High throughput screening (HTS) -Lead optimization RoboCell™ is available now and is currently being implemented with large pharmaceutical firms and independent labs worldwide. RoboCell™ Overview - Powerful scheduling/planning software combined with machine learning and true multitasking provides a solution that is 2x-3x faster (throughput) than current automation solutions. - Security and compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 restricts access and provides digital signature capabilities. - Modular Automation allows the platform to expand for extra capacity if required, or adding multiple cell lines or protocols when needed. Task Modules - Industrial grade, proven robotics, and automation components are designed and built by Celltrio. - Patented incubators, centrifuges, liquid handling, labware handling, LN2 biobanking, enclosures, and filtration equipment is designed and manufactured by Celltrio. All Task Modules interface directly with SkyView C3® or Green Button Go™ scheduler software.

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