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The New Xover Pinch Tube Solenoid Valve New Product Icon 

The Lee Company

The Lee Company is proud to announce the Xover™ solenoid valve, a groundbreaking internal pinch-tube solenoid valve designed to switch quickly and efficiently between samples, reagents, cleaning solutions or calibrants. Featuring unmatched reliability and an exceptionally low carryover volume of just 3.7 μL, Xover is ideal for critical applications in flow cytometry, gene sequencing, in vitro diagnostics, urinalysis, and hematology instruments. The Xover solenoid valve features a Y-shaped elastomer tube in a 3-way configuration. The innovative design combines the flow path of a pinch valve with the versatile, maintenance-free performance of a chemically inert isolation valve. The valve is easily flushed and offers fast, efficient fluidic performance at an economical price point. Xover can be connected to ¼-28 flat bottom tubing assemblies or the ports can be configured to meet your requirements. The valve has mount¬ing holes for easy integration and an electrical connector with secondary retention for improved system reliability. Each Xover™ solenoid valve is 100% functionally tested for performance and is constructed from durable materials using the latest manufacturing techniques. Performance characteristics can be further optimized to meet specific application requirements

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