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PCRMix™ QualAssure™ for Optimizing PCR Assays New Product Icon 


PCRMix QualAssure are solutions for the MVS that have been manufactured with a proprietary formulation that includes some of the main constituents that comprise commercial master mix. PCRMix is built to mimic the rheological properties of commercial master mix. It is an “off the shelf” solution that allows you to verify the volume of master mix that is dispensed by your automated liquid handler. Regular aqueous solutions are too different to be used for optimization of master mix liquid classes. While it is possible to make a more viscous MVS solution using the Alternative Solution Helper, that can be time-consuming to do, and you don’t really know if your viscous Alternative Solution mimics the behavior of master mix. PCRMix can save money by decreasing the amount of time you spend optimizing your liquid handler and preventing costly pipetting mistakes.

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