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MultiScreen® plates have a long history as a reliable tool for advancing drug discovery and life science research. Our plates are available in a broad selection of stock configurations. Plates with 96- and 384-well capacity are manufactured using a diverse range of housing materials to ensure compatibility with varied media formulations. Plate membranes are produced for either low or high protein binding and feature exceptional signal-to-noise ratios for applications such as coincidence counting. We also provide innovative plate customization approaches to ensure implementation of the most robust, reproducible and efficient application processes for drug discovery or industrial assay development. Our tailored partnerships are built on communication with dedicated and expert field staff to ensure an understanding of your unique project needs and requirements. Attributes that may be customized include: -> Membrane type and pore size -> Number of reaction wells -> Plate housing material -> Plate/receiver assembly combinations -> Sterilization -> Plate lot reserve The Millicell® Cell Culture product family includes 24-well and 96-well insert plates, as well as hanging and standing single-well inserts. Plates are available with a selection of membranes to support a range of applications. -> Membranes optimized for reliable monolayer formation -> Transparent membranes for easy cell growth monitoring -> A broad selection of plate materials and configurations Millicell® cell culture insert plates are designed to support cell growth and differentiation of epithelial and endothelial cell lines, including CaCo-2. Optically-suitable organotypic inserts are designed for convenient access and provide sustained viability. The Millicell® device is available with a 0.4 µm PCF membrane, along with a variety of PET membrane pore sizes. Millicell® plates are designed for maximum user convenience, including features such as an apical assist for easier pipetting, as well as basolateral access. To reduce the risk of monolayer contamination, Millicell® membrane plates have feet which elevate the plate above the work surface when disassembled from the feeder tray. Additionally, teardrop-shaped receiver wells work to eliminate air bubbles as plates are assembled.

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