Chemical Synthesis Reagents

LightOx PhotoReact 365


The LightOx PhotoReact 365 (Z744061) is a benchtop instrument that provides even, directed and reproducible UV illumination at 365nm suitable for photochemical and photobiological reactions. The touch screen interface allows the user to control light intensity, energy delivery rate, and time. LED health over time is monitored using a built-in UV sensor enabling the user to produce rapid, reproducible results. This instrument is suitable for high-throughput screening in multi-well plates, providing researchers with a tool to screen high numbers of compounds and reactions essential for drug discovery. To accelerate photochemical and photobiological reactions, this instrument is designed for scientists to run reactions in standard-size culture multi-well plate or single 95 mm round dish. Users have control over many experimental variables, such as light output and total power output while the instrument records light intensity and temperature measurements during every second of the experiment. To maintain safety, this device also enables a locking lid feature during the experiment to reduce user exposure to harmful light rays.

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