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The Cavro® Magni Flex represents a comprehensive, modular liquid handling framework that is designed to easily integrate into almost any system, in a wide range of laboratory processes – from molecular immunoassay processing to molecular diagnostics – allowing instrument designers to concentrate on their applications. The automated, low to medium throughput, modular and scalable platform design offers flexible integration of liquid handling capabilities. The Magni Flex is packed with features intended for seamless integration into most instruments; it is currently available with a choice of three different multichannel pipetting configurations plus an optional gripper accessory. The only development platform in its class, the Cavro Magni Flex offers two pipetting options – liquid pipetting using the Cavro Pulssar PBC (piston) Pump and now air pipetting with the new Air Restriction Pipettor. The Cavro Magni Flex provides a core robotic architecture designed to quickly evolve into a complete automated liquid handling solution to address specific application needs.

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