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Welcome to the Physiatry '21 Virtual Poster Gallery!

We are showcasing important and timely advances in physiatry at Physiatry ‘21! Case reports and research studies are available for on demand viewing throughout the meeting and can be filtered by presenter, date or topic. You will also fine the Rate ePoster feature that will allow you to score the top posters. The poster with the highest rating in each topic area will be recognized.

Live chat with poster presenters will be available on both Thursday and Friday afternoon starting at 4:15 pm EST. (Time Zone Converter) You may view the posters and submit your questions at any time during the meeting.

Want to ask a question? To submit questions through the Q&A feature.....

1. Click on the Q&A tab on the poster pop up
2. Login with YOUR EMAIL
3. And use the Access Key, Posters21.

Thursday, February 11

Electrodiagnostic / Neuromuscular Medicine


Other / General Medicine



Sports Medicine


Friday, February 12



Multiple Sclerosis and other Neurological Conditions

Spasticity/Movement Disorders

Spinal Cord Injury


Traumatic Brain Injury

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