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Wellness Corner

Step away from your computer, get your heart rate up, and beat the virtual fatigue by taking advantage of these wellness sessions and activites. 
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Wellness Sessions

Overwhelmed and Burned Out: Thriving Even When You Don't Feel Like it
Speaker: Kristy Archuleta


Speaker: Erin Doppelt

Soundbath - Internal Immersion
Speaker: Anna Billman

Wellness Activities

Morning Yoga with Anna
FOLD & Flow - Thursday, May 6, 9 am ET
Fold  & FLOW - Friday, May 7, 9 am ET

30 Minute Cardio Sessions with Tori
Bodyweight Workout - Wednesday, May 5, 12:30 pm ET
HIIT Workout - Thursday, May 6, 12:30 pm ET
Triple Threat Workout - Friday, May 7, 12:15 pm ET

10 Minute Desk Stretches/Exercises with Jesi
Daily, during breaks between sessions