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Health and Safety

The ILCA Board of Directors supports Dr. Anthony Fauci's recent statement to FRANCE24, "We encourage people very strongly to get vaccinated because these vaccines are highly effective, we know that. So we encourage people, both for their own safety, for the safety of their family and ultimately for the safety of their community and their country to get vaccinated, because the larger proportion of people that get vaccinated, the more quickly you will get the epidemic and the pandemic under control."

The ILCA Board of Directors strongly encourages vaccination prior to attending the in-person ILCA Conference.

The ILCA 2021 Conference in-person activities were designed with your health and safety in mind as well as your communities you will return to after the conference; however, there is one important element in your conference experience: YOU!

The guidelines and protocols in place are only effective if you follow them. Therefore, the information below is provided as a reminder of what is expected from you and to encourage you to be your own health and safety advocate.

ILCA 2021 Safety Initiatives

  • All sessions will be held in one general session room
  • Food will be served in closed containers; it is recommend that you keep the container closed until you are at a seat that is socially distanced from others
  • Please dispose of your own food and beverage containers in the proper bin (compost, recycle, rubbish)
  • Once you are in a seat, please stay there until the next break (if possible)
  • If asked to vacate a room for cleaning purposes, please do so for at least 15 minutes
  • The information/registration desk will be open limited hours. In-person registrations MUST be completed by 10 August. Onsite registrations will not be accepted.
  • Heath screenings may be available at the general session entrances or online. If asked to participate in a health screening you must do so, and those who do not pass the health screening will not participate in the in-person activities that day. Those who are in Houston who do not feel well are encouraged to participate virtually
  • You may be asked to seat yourself in a certain section of the room (to fill space from the furthest from the door to the closest to the door) or to remain seated while a different part of the room is released. Please be patient during these processes
  • All participants, including speakers, are encouraged to participate in the format in which they are most comfortable. Therefore, not all sessions in Houston will be delivered by speakers who are present at the conference. Please be respectful in acknowledging that ILCA is able to bring you the education you need by being flexible to the needs and preferences of the presenters

In-Person Conference Participant Expectations

  • Attendees who are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 must wear masks that cover the nose and mouth in all event spaces (unless you are eating or drinking while socially distant from other participants)
  • Refrain from hugging or shaking hands
  • Be patient and avoid overcrowded spaces (including, but not limited to: exhibit booths, food lines, restrooms, bars and restaurants on or off the hotel property)
  • Maintain social distancing whenever possible
  • If crowd flow or entrance and exit locations are marked, follow the instructions to avoid unnecessary contact
  • Wash your hands and/or use hand sanitizer often
  • If you do not feel well or you feel you have been exposed to a communicable disease, do not attend the in-person sessions
  • Practice these guidelines while not in the event spaces even if they are stricter than the venue/local requirements
  • We encourage everyone to get vaccinated prior to attending

Hotel Policies

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