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Now is the time for Hill Day at Home advocates to reach out to your members of Congress to educate them on the needs of mental health and substance use treatment providers and organizations.

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Our Legislative Priorities

Use the Fact Sheets to familiarize yourselves with our 2021 Hill Day at Home legislative priorities – and remember to customize this language with your personal stories so legislators hear your story in your words.

CCBHC: Achieving Nationwide Expansion and Adoption

Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHCs) provide critical care for people with mental health and substance use challenges. Every state should have the opportunity to participate in the CCBHC demonstration program.

Fulfilling the Promise of 988

With a July 2022 launch date for 9-8-8 implementation fast approaching, significant investments are needed to improve and secure the suicide prevention, mental health and substance use crisis care continuum.

Addressing the Workforce Shortage in America

Expanding the Medicare behavioral health workforce to include marriage and family therapists, mental health counselors and peer support specialists will dramatically expand access to lifesaving care for Medicare beneficiaries. 

Curbing the Substance Use Crisis

Curbing our nation’s overdose epidemic requires removing regulatory hurdles to medication-assisted treatment (MAT), standardizing prescriber education practices and expanding access to care for our nation’s most vulnerable populations. 

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