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Live Presentations 

Keynotes and Featured presentations will be live streamed. Tune in to hear inspirational messages as well as pertinent information on the future of higher education. Note: these sessions will not be available for on-demand viewing until after the conference has ended on Friday, April 9 so be sure to attend at the scheduled time!


Concurrent Sessions

Log in during the scheduled times to view the sessions and submit questions to presenters in real-time. Presenters will be available during their scheduled presentation time to answer questions in writing using the platform’s audience response system. Presentations can be viewed on-demand after the scheduled time has ended but presenters will not be immediately available to answer submitted questions. 


Video Chats 

Select HLC presentations will have a live, follow-up Q&A to allow attendees to drop in and ask topical questions to the presenter(s), using the platform’s video chat. These are intended for small audiences and attendees should not plan to stay the entire time. 

Office Hours 

Held at the end of each day of the General Program, HLC liaisons and staff will host office hours, during which attendees are encouraged to ask general questions relevant to the topics of the presentations viewed that day. Please note: Institution specific-questions should be directed to your intitution's Accreditation Liaison Officer. 

Conversation Starters 

Network with other attendees in small group discussions on popular topics and trends happening in higher education. 


While most sessions will be available at scheduled times, critical HLC informational sessions will be made available on-demand throughout the conference to accommodate high interest levels. Each on-demand session will include a corresponding live Q&A session for attendees to pose questions of presenters after viewing the session at their convenience. 



Visit the Conference Support Booth in the Exhibitor Hall.

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