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EB 2021 Frequently Asked Questions & Tips


What are the system requirements for the EB Virtual Platform?
Use the latest version of Google Chrome (preferred), Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. Safari is not supported.

How do I log in?
If you are a registered user, you can log in by either clicking on the login button at the top right-hand corner of the site or from the blue navigation bar on the left, near the bottom.

Where can I find my login information?
Your login is the email address you used during registration and your badge number. This information may be found in your registration confirmation.

I'm a poster presenter or speaker who uploaded my photo and profile, but it's not appearing in the Search by Attendee People Finder? Why can't I find it?
Attendee and Presenter Profiles are separate profiles. Presenters will have an attendee profile (if registered) and separate poster and/or speaker profile(s).

Can I log into the conference on several devices?
You can only use one device at a time to participate in the conference.

What are the poster times?
Posters are available for viewing 24/7. There are no designated presentation times and poster presentations are pre-recorded and available on demand. Attendees are able to ask questions, and the presenter will respond.

What hashtag should I use for EB?
EB’s official hashtag is #ExpBio. Be sure to include it in your social media posts (especially on Twitter and Instagram) to help others find your EB-related content and increase your social media presence.

How do I get my Certificate of Attendance?
Certificates of Attendance are available through our registration system Experimental Biology 2021 ( by logging into “Access My Registration”. You will need the email address used when registering and your badge number. Certificate of Attendance will be available to print Friday, April 30th.  EB 2021 Certificate Link

When will by abstract be published in The FASEB Journal?
Abstracts will be published in The FASEB Journal on May 14, 2021.

I missed a session. When are recorded sessions available for viewing and for how long?
Most sessions will be recorded. Recorded sessions will be available May 4th through May 31st.  

How can I access a recorded session?
Look for the sessions in the schedule. Next, select the session name and click on the View On-demand button.

My connection isn't working well. How can I test it?

You can check your connection on your My Experience page once you have logged in and created a profile.  Prior to profile creation you can test your connection here:  Experimental Biology 2021 System Check

Technical Tips and Tricks

  • Use the latest version of Google Chrome (preferred), Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.
  • Limit heavy internet usage and streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, etc.). Reduce the number of tabs and applications you have open.
  • Check your internet connection. Move closer to the WiFi router to strengthen your connection, or use a hardwire internet connection, if possible.
  • Disconnect from your Company VPN. If you are in the office, try another network (some offices have robust firewalls that will block video and video chat).
  • If your office has a firewall, have your IT staff make sure that you can access streaming audio and video.
  • Clear your web browser history and cache.
  • For video chats, try a hard refresh (CTRL+F5 on PC and Command+R on Mac).
  • Ensure no other programs are accessing your camera or audio (i.e. zoom). On a Mac, you may need to do a hard close of these applications, by clicking the app icon + ‘Quit’. When in doubt, restart your computer. You may be running apps that are using your camera and/or microphone in the background and not even know it.
  • For screen sharing on Mac, make sure the Screen Recording setting is turned on. Click Here for Instructions, or paste this URL into your web browser:

Navigating the Virtual Platform

Navigaging the Home Screen: Certain features or functionality on the website are only accessible to event registrants.


To log in, can click in the upper right corner of the main screen and enter your credentials.
  • Click on the graphic tiles to open the session details, the exhibit hall, poster presentations and more.
  • The vertical menu on the left side of the screen will give you options for browsing the program elements and materials associated with the event.

     EB 2021 Home Page

Navigating the Program 
Under program, select Full Schedule to open the agenda to view all of the available sessions. Please note that you can also search the program by date, session type, speaker, abstract number, track and sponsor.

Program Page

Setting up Your Profile (available to registered attendees only)
We encourage you to fill out your full profile, include a photo, and turn on your networking option. As a registrant, you can edit your profile by selecting "My Conference Profile" under your name in the upper righthand corner of the screen or clicking on My Experience. While completing your profile, you will also have the option to set the schedule to display in your local time zone.

My Conference Profile Page

Allowing Others to Connect with You
If you elect to share your contact information, your profile will appear on the attendee list under your name. You will be able to contact other attendees as well as they will be able to contact you.

Exhibitors will also have access to your profile if you interact with them by viewing their content. If you do not opt in for networking, your profile, chat, and email functions will be hidden from attendees, presenters, and exhibitors.

Your Networking Options Page

Connecting with Attendees and Speakers

Browse the full list of conference attendees and message those who have opted into the networking feature! You must opt into the networking feature to send and receive messages.

Upload Image

Monitoring Chat Notifications
Users will receive a notification when another attendee has responded to their chat within their “My Experience” Page.

Chat Notifications on the My Experience Page

Participating in Video Chats
At the bottom left side of the attendee profile you will see a green ring around the thumbnail of the profile picture. This green ring indicates the attendee is online and available to video chat. This feature is only available for attendees that have opted into Networking.


Click on Message Board in the attendee profile to send a message requesting a time to chat.
Messages sent and received can be viewed in My Experience under Networking.
Click on the green bubble indicating a new message, and return to the attendee’s profile to view the message.
When a time is agreed on, the person you wish to chat with must first open their attendee profile and click on their Video Chat button.
This will activate their Video Chat for you to join. Find them in the Attendee list, open their profile, click Video Chat.

Exhibitor Video Chat Bar

Emailing or Video Chatting with a Poster Presenter or Speaker
You can contact poster or speaker presenters during the event if the presenter has opted into networking.  If you would like to email or video chat with a presenter, visit the presenter's attendee profile to communcate before the event opens.  Once the event opens on April 27th, you will be able to email the presenter directly through the speaker profile, but the video chat option will only be available through the speakers attendee profile.  Presenters have separate profiles for poster, speaker, and attendee. 

Creating Your Own Personal Schedule 
You can create your own personal schedule by selecting favorites. Click on the star next to a session or presentation that you would like to appear in your personal schedule. You can also favorite speakers, other attendees, and exhibitor booths you’d like to visit during the program. 
You can export your session favorites to your calendar and also save your schedule as a PDF, Word document, or Excel document.

There is also a note feature. If you would like to create a note about a session or presentation, use the paper icon on the right side of the session window beside the star icon. Notes can only be entered for sessions that registrants have added to their favorites.

Favorite EB Tang Prize Award Lecture

Tips on Making the Most of the “My Experience” Page
  • Your “My Experience” Page is your one stop shop for viewing your saved schedule, posters, exhibitors, attendee communication and more. 
  • My Schedule – stores your favorite presentations and events
  • My Posters – stores your favorite poster presentations
  • My Exhibitors – stores your favorite exhibitors
  • Trivia Quest Leader Board – Track how many points you have collected and see your spot on the Leaderboard.
  • Help Tiles – FAQ, Technical Support, System Checks

My Experience Page Amenities


Joining a Session
Once the EB 2021 event begins, registrants will see a “Live Stream” button on each education session. This button will be active five minutes before the start of the session. This is where attendees will enter the session.

View the Livestream (With Troubleshooting Tips) Guide for instructions on how to join a stream.

Live Stream Session Pop-up

Using the Q & A and Discussion Board During a Session
View the Audience Response System (Q & A Board) Guide for instructions on how to submit questions.

Speakers will be available to answer questions during most education sessions. You can pose questions to the speaker(s) by pressing the 'SAY HELLO' button. Just type in your question and submit it! Other attendees will see your question in the list, and they can vote it up higher and higher on the list. 

Engage in a conversation with your fellow attendees... just add a comment into the discussion to share your thoughts with other attendees. To make commenting more fun, access emojis on your desktop device. Access the emoji keyboard by pressing Windows Key + ; on a PC and Command + Control + Space on a Mac.

Participating in Virtual Networking Sessions
View the How to Participate in a Live Chat Guide to learn how to join video chats and navigate its controls. You can also test Video Chat in My Experience.

If your video chat test looks like the screen below then it is working.

Inside the Video Chat Room

Accessing the Exhibit Hall
When selecting Exhibitors from the left-hand navigation, you may view Exhibitors by company name, category, level, logo, or product category.

Virtual Exhibit Hall Nav Menu Items

Clicking on a company name will open the company’s booth. You can download resources and have video chats with the sales representatives.


Playing Trivia Quest
How do I play the EB Trivia Quest Game for a chance to win a $100 visa giftcard?

Download the FREE Event Scribe Live App from the App Store. 
Apple App Store
Google Play Store

The Event Scribe Live App will be your scanning device for the Trivia Quest game.  Complete as many trivia quest questions as possible and see your name rise to the top! You will find trivia quest QR Codes to scans around the exhibit hall. Play to win the grand prize. All winners will be contacted by May 4, 2021.

QR CodeESlive App Image

Participating in the EB Exhibitor Raffle
Win prizes from EB Exhibitors by participating in the Exhibitor Raffle Giveaway.  Look for the EB Exhibitor Raffle Giveaway icon that is located on each participating exhibitor’s virtual booth. Click on the icon and fill out the requested information to enter.  Winners will be notified by the individual exhibitor.  Note: The EB Exhibitor Raffle Giveaway is separate from the EB Trivia Quest game.

Still Need Technical Help?
Connect with Technical Support in My Experience.

Upload Image

Additional Troubleshooting

If you are unable to hear any sound at all, be sure your speakers are turned on, and you are not set to Mute within the live stream window. When the stream begins, you may see a message that says something like “Click here to unmute."   

To log into a video chat be sure you are only logged into the meeting once.

If the slides or speaker appear blurry at any point, it may be an internet connectivity issue. If you know that your connection is good, and you refresh your screen, but the images are still distorted, the issue is with the speaker’s connectivity. Our technical team will do our best to remedy the speaker’s connectivity issue.

If you are having trouble with the video feed or are not seeing any video at all during the time of the Live Stream event refresh your browser. You can do this by clicking the circular refresh icon beside the URL or holding down Ctrl + R buttons on your keyboard on a desktop/laptop.

You can also increase/decrease the resolution value of the stream. In the bottom right corner, you may see a number like 1080p. This is the highest resolution, and most recommended. If you see a number lower than 1080p, click on the number to adjust the resolution.

Experimental Biology 2021 Policies

Code of Conduct
Conference participants agree to adhere to all EB policies including the Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy, Registration Policy, Scientific Integrity Policy, and Photography and Recording Policy. 

Photography and Recording Policy
All poster, presentation, or scientific material image or recording capture is prohibited on the EB Virtual platform unless the author/speaker has permitted to do so. The only materials with the permission granted icon ("Ok – Photo / Record") allow recording and image capture.  All other information capturing (not labeled or set to share) on the EB Virtual site is prohibited.