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2021 WQA Business Boot Camp

Tuesday, July 27  l  7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Las Vegas Convention Center

Register for the WQA Business Boot Camp when you register for the WQA Convention.

Note: If you wish to attend Boot Camp only, please contact WQA Membership at

  2021 Registration Pricing Early Bird* Standard** Show Days**
  Member $325 $375 $400
  Non-Member $475 $525 $550

Thank you to our 2021 WQA Business Boot Camp Sponsors!
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Performance Water Products

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Sharp Water Culligan
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Water-Right, Inc.


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Candice Wentling, MWS
Certified Action
Leadership Lessons: Articulate Your Passion

Organizational growth often happens at a speed that causes leaders to adapt and react as they go, which means that vital foundational matters are not developed, discussed or relayed effectively. Give yourself time to rewind, reset and reignite your passion for your business in a way that can be emulated.

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Doug Ramer, MWS, CWR
Martin Water Conditioning
How to Onboard Your Employees: Training Materials, Teaching Professionalism

How to promote vision for a culture of professionalism in our companies and reduce the "Hire-Train-Leave" phenomenon so prevalent in business today. Participants will experience the step-by-step process of orientation, on-boarding and continuous training.

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Jeff Kortes
Human Asset Management
Recruit to Win: Winning the War for Talent

Do you struggle to find talent in a candidate-driven market? Do you get frustrated trying to fill open positions. Do you wonder if there is a way to be successful in the war for talent? Jeff provides a "headhunter's" insight into building a comprehensive recruiting strategy. Participants will leave with actionable steps to begin building their strategy.